RuneScape – The World’s Most Popular Free Mmorpg

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Ever wanted to play a MMORPG? Have you thought about it but the cost of playing as put you off?

Runescape this is a free MMORPG designed in java with 3d elements, the game is well worth signing up to for free and I would personally give it a try.

It is not like other MMORPG’s is does not allow you to create on character class, you personally are every class, you then build up the stats you need or want and work that way, you could be a mage with excellent magic and bow skills, it doesn’t limit you. It is a great game that everyone should try out!

You can complete a set number of quests; this will give you a reason to play the game again and again, also its great place to meet people who are interested in online games too. Just give it a try!

There are a number of different stats you have cooking stats, fishing, bow making, attack the list does go on and on there are something like 30+ stats you can fill in as you play, the world is covered with different types of monsters for you to hunt and kill this is a great way fro you to gain gold, new items and best of all EXP.

There is the option to pay for the game and become a full member, doing this will give you more areas to explore, more items and more quests, it doesn’t cost much at all to join Runescape and as a member it is well worth it.

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