RuneScape – Tips on Fighting in PvP

This guide will give you useful tips on PvP and how to win and survive fights.

Pvp, probably the funnest thing to do in runescape, whether it be f2p or p2p pvp. You enjoy it when your opponents die and you can get good loot! Nothing can be compared to pvp…

As my friend Alex once said:

“Pvp is about enjoying yourself in competition with other runescape players, the winners are the ones who get the most kill and the most drops. It’s about meeting new people in new places, it’s also a good way to waste time when you are bored”

Or as my friend Marcel would put it:

“Pvp is about raping other people and getting good loot!”


Anyway, this guide is not about making a good pure or whatever, its about the fighting in pvp, the tips and tricks that will help you survive and kill people.

Some comments people have made:

Great guide! I am going straight to Duel Arena and I am ready to test my skills . Support. Regards and thanks again ~ Pappan.
Great guide. This will sure help some people.

Rule 1 (Have the right skills!)

There is no point going to pvp without the right skills, you would get murdered in seconds! Many people go to pvp worlds with really low skills, skills that can be their undoing! Before going to pvp, go to the duel arena and fight against people your level with food and potions. Count how many you win and lose. Then ask yourself: “Am i ready for pvp?” If the answer is no, read some guides on how to get your skills higher, but don’t go to pvp unless you think you are ready!

Rule 2 (Wear the appropriate armour and weapons)
If you have a lot of money and willing to risk things such as verac’s skirt and helm, or expensive things like that, do it! If you wear good armour, you have a larger chance of surviving a fight and a bigger chance of killing your opponent! If you wear cheap armour, which does not have as good a bonus as expensive armour, then you might die more often and lose more money than you would had you worn good, expensive armour.

Ever watched those pker’s on youtube, the ones wearing ahrim’s robes and carrying dragon fire shields? They wear good (but expensive) armour and what happens? they survive and get good loot!

As the SAS put it “Who dares Wins!’

Rule 3 (Fight with your xp bar open!)
Many pkers find it easy to KO people because they can roughly calculate their next hit by using the xp bar. Others use “hit predictor scripts”. By using the xp bar, one can estimate their next hit, and decide whether one should use the special attack yet. This is because you see the amount of xp you gain a good second before you hit your opponent!

The way to work out hits roughly is: Amount of xp gained*2 (NOTE: This is only a rough estimate of your hit, but you switch to your special weapon when you get 300XP or more!)

Rule 4 (Hotkeys)
Although i am mentioning hotkeys in my guide, i am generally not a big fan of hotkeys… this is because i find it unfair because it gives you a huge advantage over an opponent without hotkeys.

What the hell are hotkeys?
you might be wondering what on earth a hotkey is, well, let me explain it simply. A hotkey is a key you press on your keyboard, which when you press, executes a certain command which you tell it to do. In other words, a hot key is when you program a certain key on your keyboard to do something else. Hotkeys are not limited to runescape, they can be used in other things too!

Any way, hot keys give you a huge advantage in pvp, imagine being able to kill an opponent with a few taps of your keyboard, no more moving your mouse around like a maniac! With hot keys, you can program it to click at pre-defined points at the press of a button. That way, one can make amazing switches!

The simplest hotkey in Runescape is pressing the “F5″ button in game. This will take you to the combat options menu (with the special attack bar) so all you have to do is click the special attack bar.

A good hot key program is “Auto Hotkey” i will not give you instructions on how to use it, there are plenty of guides out there that tell you what to do.

Rule 5 (Constant Vigilance!)

From: Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
“Constant Vigilance!” Moody Growled! In other words, always be aware of your surroundings. You never know where a rusher may be hiding. Many people die because they are not aware that they are standing in a danger zone, or are in a dangerous multi zone. When wondering about in deep wild in a pvp world, always keep one eye on the minimap. Also, when passing teleport areas (Places where you can teleport to via runes, tablets, enchanted jewellery and obelisks) have your mouse hovering on either the log out button or a teleport (log out button for deep wild) because in the blink of an eye, someone could teleport there and attack you.

This happened one time:

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