RuneScape Training Guide (F2P)

Runescape training guide in attack strength and defence.

Table of contents:

-1 – 10 Attack/Defence/Strength

-10 – 20 Attack/Defence/Strength

-20 – 30 Attack/Defence/Strength

-40 – 60 Attack/Defence/Strength

-60 – 99 Attack/Strength/Defence

1 – 10 Attack/Defence/Strength

Do this on Chickens, take a iron scimitar and a steel scimitar. If you’re a pure just use Iron, If you want to train defence take Steel armour too. Take the feathers that the Chickens drop, you’ll need money for 10 – 20 Attack/Defence/Strength

10 – 20 Attack/Defence/Strength

Go to the Grand Exchange and sell the feathers you picked. Buy a black scimitar and black armour if you’ve trained defence. Now go to the monks at the church next to Edgeville. If you need food ask a monk to heal you. Pick the bones and bury them for some prayer EXP.

20 – 30 Attack/Defence/Strength

Go back to the Grand Exchange and sell your black armour and scimitar. Now only buy a mithril scimitar! Forget the armour. Go to Al-Kharid and kill the guards there till 30 Attack/Defence/Strength take the valuable drops and bronze arrows for if you want to train ranged.

30 – 40 Attack/Defence/Strength

Go back to the Grand Exchange and sell your mithril scimitar. Now buy a adamant scimitar and as much of adamant armour you can buy. Go to Varrock or Falador and kill the guards till 40 Attack/Defence/Strength. I suggest to take a bag of food with you.

40-60 Attack/Defence/Strength

This is a hard part as you need a set of rune. To make money I wouldn’t suggest to mine rune essence, as they are crashing at the date this is made they’re crashing. I’d suggest to keep using adamant and some food and kill Hill Giants. Pick the bones and sell them at the Grand Exchange till 200.000 Gp/250.000 Gp. Now buy a set of rune and continue killing hill giants and selling the bones till 60 Attack/Defence/Strength.

60 – 99 Attack/Defence/Strength

This is a long part and you’ll need to have alot of food. You can go afk while doing this, but not too much if you have low Defence and or no Defence. Buy alot of food and maybe some potions. I’d suggest to ALWAYS take a potion and be potted while training. Go to the stronghold of security where you get Fighter/Fancy boots. Go to the third floor and kill the spiders. Suggestion: At 70 Defence you can go afk for like 5/7 minutes. If you’re a pure I wouldn’t suggest going afk.

Hope this helps guys, It’s hard to get a 99 combat stat in F2P….

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