RuneScape: Training Guide for Non-Members

Need to train your RuneScape level but don’t know how you should? This is the guide for you.

Training combat level mainly involves the training of either your attack and strength or range. Refer to you attack and strength or range as a general guide to how strong you are. There are two general methods of training, either for most speed or best for cash.

Low level (1 – 30)

When low level, most of the monsters you will kill will be either goblins, cows, chicken or other low level monsters that are generally found in Lumbridge. My suggestion is to kill cows in the in northern field of Lumbridge, where Beefy Bill is found. Picking up and banking cow hides and raw beef is an excellent method of earning cash at this low level, while the experience earned is also so of the best. The cow hides could also be used to train crafting, and it is a good idea to have a stock for when you do train crafting. It is recommended that any bones that are dropped are buried to earn prayer levels at the same time.

The location of Beefy Bill and the cows

Mid level (30 – 50)

When mid level, many new opportunities to train stats. One good option is to kill Hill Giants, accessible through the shortcut near Varrock with a brass key. These drop lots of steel and iron armour (which can be sold to the relevant NPC store or alched), uncut gems, coins, runes, limpwurt roots and, of course, big bones. These provide good training, as well as decent income and prayer experience should you bury the bones.

A hill giant, found in the Edgeville dungeon

An alternative is to kill Cockroach workers. These are found in the Stronghold of Player Safety. The advantage of killing these are that they are a lot less crowded compared to Hill Giants, although they also have relatively good drops. Being close to Edgeville, this allows for quick banking and restocking for trips. However, good armour is recommended or these will do large amounts of damage.

A player killing a Cockroach worker.

High level (50 – 99)

Around this point, you should have a set of the best armour available. As the available equipment for non-members is rather limited, all available equipment can be equipped at this point. If you are still using low level equipment, it is recommended that you get yourself a set of the best equipment as this will help speed up your training.

Training at this point splits up into two different paths. These are either training purely for speed or training while earning cash. For most people, the choice will be to train while earning cash.

  • Speed over cash. Those wanting to train their stats as quickly as possible should kill Giant Spiders, located in the Stronghold of Security. These have low defence and decent hit points, making them the perfect monster to kill repeatedly. It should be noted that this option is primarily for melee combat, as rangers will find they have a hard time surviving and killing large numbers of these.

As these drop nothing, it is recommended to fill you entire inventory with food before killing any.

Players killing giant spiders in the Stronghold of Security

  • Cash over speed. Those looking to earn some cash while training should kill Cockroach Soldiers. These are found in the Stronghold of Player Safety. While killing these will not yield as much experience as Giant Spiders, these provide a lot of items which can be sold for large amounts of cash. As the Stronghold is a multi-combat zone, it is possible to kills these with a group of friends. Notable drops from these are the rune scimitar, rune square shield, law runes and noted mithril and adamantite ore. Please note that you should NEVER kill lesser demons, as these are harder to get to, drop worse items and items can’t be banked easily.

Cockroach soldier

A Cockroach soldier.
When training the combat skills, food is generally something that needs to be taken note of. As a general rule, you should use food that is within your price range, but try to avoid being cheap and using trout instead of lobsters as you will find that you will spend twice as much time on each trip using better food.

Images obtained from the Runescape Wiki

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