RuneScape, What Happened to This Great Game?

Runescape used to be filled to the max with players, but now worlds are barely ever full.

Runescape is a midevil MMO. This game used to be filled to the rims, full of eager players, but now is rarely has a filled world.

Before Now

This is what happened to this game, for Runescape… has died. This much is obvious, but why did runescape die? Runescape was severly altered.

Number One: The Wilderness (or The Wildy), it was a place of danger, their was great loot, high level monsters, but… most of all it was the only place in runescape where you could kill other players (PK) and then take the items on their corpse. Jagex had made mistakes. They took part of the wilderness and reformed it, formed it into a minigame called clan wars. Clan wars was ok, so not many people cared about the removed area. Soon however, almost everyone would care, Jagex removed the wilderness’ PK (player Killing) ability. This hit runescape hard. Now players (such as me) who always dreamed of leveling up their combat skills and fighting in the wildy would never be able to do so. Many players left after that.

Number Two: Jagex tried to fix their mistake. They implimented a minigame called Bounty Hunter, but this game had and has flaws. For starters, it is too small, too many players to kill you in such a small area. Plus, any player can pick up the loot from your kill, normally their would be less people around to take it but now their would be way too many.

Number Three: The Grand exchange has destroyed runescape economy and rebuilt it with prices a little too low. Players used to sell to stores and in the stores the prices were the same all the time, but with the grand exchange the prices varied so more players went their. The more stuff sold there the lower the prices were. Iron platebody armor used to be a few thousand gold, but now its only a few hundred. Such changes passed too much wealth to certain players and removed it from others.

Number Four: An inevitable over overproduction of armor and crafts. Since players can craft their own armor, weapons, and accesories, little where ever destroyed or removed from the economy while alot more of it was created. The more their was, the less it cost. This ended up to help fuel the grand exchange and destroy part of runescape economy.

Runescape is dieing but it, could be revived. Just because it is dieing doesn’t mean it is done for. Runescape in truth is actually a really good game. Perhaps Runescape will become more popular again, and recover like a fad does. For now though, all we can do is wait to see, will runescape recover, or will it die.

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