RuneScape Woodcutting Guide

This guide will show you how to master wood cutting, or wc.

This guide will show you how to master wood cutting :

Tree:           Members only: No       Required level: 1      Experience: 25    Ge price: 91 gp     Best places: GE, Draynor, Lumbridge

Oak Tree:       Members only: No      Required level:15        Experience: 37.5    Ge price: 87 gp    Best places: Draynor near jail, Lumbridge, GE

Willow Tree:          Members only : No       Required level: 30         Experience: 100         Ge price: 15 gp      Best places:  Edgevile, Daemonheim peninsula, Draynor

Maple Tree:         Members only: No        Required level: 45      Experience: 100 or 0.1 on Miscellainia      Ge price: 48 gp     Best places: Daemonheim peninsula, Seers Village

Yew tree:           Members only : No          Required level: 60          Experience: 175       Ge price: 510 gp        Best places:  South of Melzars Maze, Lumbridge graveyard, south of Falador, north of Varrock castle, forest between Lumbridge and Draynor Village, Rimmington    

Magic tree:         Members only: Yes       Required level: 75       Experience: 250         Ge price: 1479 gp      Best places: Resource dungeon in Varrock sewers, Sorcerer’s Tower, 3 east of Ranging Guild, Tree Gnome Stronghold, Mage Training Arena, outside Lletya

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