Runescape:merchant Tip of the Week Feb. 2nd 2011

My weekly RuneScape Merchant Tip.

I     This week I decided to go with something a little different. Instead of offering a simple get rich quick item, I thought I’d tell you to buy up some items that are cheap and hold on to them for a while.

     I found a few items that are far lower then they have been in a long time. These items are still falling in price but they are probably near the bottom that they will get. Here are three items that are very low.

    Guthix Kite Shields: These Guthix trimmed rune kite shields are around 234k right now. Around 4 months ago I bought a Guthix shield for myself, I spent over 400k on it. With the return of free trade and no Grand Exchange limits you can probably buy a Guthix kite shield for 230k.

    Guthix Plate-legs: I know your thinking I just like Guthix, while that’s true, It’s not why I’m advising you to buy Guthix items. The three rune trimmed god sets (Saradomin, Zamarok, and Guthix), go up and down rather routinely. Right now Guthix armor is on the low end. Guthix Plate-legs are at an average price of 201k, However they are going down and I bought mine for under 200k. Looking back I should have offered less. I imagine you could pick some up for 195k.

    Rune Kite Shields: Ok so you don’t feel like risking 200k+ for one item. Rune Kites are at 41k you should be able to get some for 40k each. They were recently at 50k each, I imagine that allot of people have sold their kite shield to buy rune 2h swords or rune Berseaker shields for wilderness survival. Rune Berseaker shields are at 155k now,(I wish I had picked up more when they were at 60k).

     Good Luck merchanting, and feel free to leave a comment.

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