Saradomin Sword vs.. Abyssal Whip: Which is Better?

Many people argue over what to use when training: a Saradomin Sword or an Abyssal Whip. Here I will highlight the pros and cons of each one and have my say.

Saradomin Sword


- As fast as an Abyssal Whip

- +82 Slash and +60 Crush attack bonuses

- +82 Strength bonus

- +2 Prayer bonus

- Can be used to train all the melee skills

- Saradomin Lightning Special Attack, which attacks twice instantly Magic-based (can attack from distance)


- 2-handed weapon

- Costs a lot

Abyssal Whip


- As fast as a Saradomin Sword

- +82 Slash attack bonus

- +82 Strength bonus

- Inexpensive for its usefulness

- Only takes up one hand


- Useless special attack

- Can only train Strength in Shared attack mode

Overall, I’d say that the Saradomin Sword is better unless you have a good offhand weapon (such as a Rune Defender). I personally train Attack and Defense with the Abyssal Whip and train Strength with the Saradomin Sword. The Saradomin Sword is good to have so that you don’t have to use the Dragon Scimitar for Strength training.

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