Str Potions (RuneScape)

How to make STR POTS in Runescape.

This guide is for free, in the members it’s not nothing.
The production str potions need 5 coins, 1 limpwurt root (the just limp), 1 red spider’s egg (now only on red eggs).
1st Part – Limp
We’ll start gaining limp – it is best to get from Hobgoblinů.
They have little combat lvl, so you still at 40 CMB. Recommended by CMB on these creatures is from 60 upwards.

Therefore, if you gather a full inv limp, which is 28, worth around 25k, so lower lvls for not advantageous to buy. While it will take away the bank and collect them to 200 (preferably with a cabbage from a calf free achievmentu Lumby), have a combined price of nearly 200km. I know some crazy people, making it alive, owner of them in the bank so 5k, for which he would get over 4M and still have enough: D, well, vraťtme on the matter.

Hobgoblini located in the crafting guild, there are quite a lot, so do not be afraid that you had to wait until you spawn.

2nd Part – Red Eggs
They (allegedly) by zybezu dropují Švábová the CMB only 83, which is very disadvantageous. But there are places where they regularly occur around them, unfortunately ochomítají by various spiders, most deadly red spiders on the CMB 35, and still nothing nedropují to yourselves and dare to CMB 60 (if I remember it well). Best of all, collect the eggs in the varrock sewers
red is shown the way to vajíčkám, periodically there appear two side by side, so you can always fetch the water and wait before they spawn, then back again. Deadly red spiders are also good for training monsters of 65 + CMB lvls, so some of the world will not prosecute attack.

At these eggs can not earn much, a full inv is approximately 10k, while you waited 15 minutes before the whole sezbíráte inv

I spent about 15 minutes before I filled full inv, meanwhile, is good to train on the spiders [cmbs apply to 55 and which]
Again, then you earn a full inv, we’ll go to the bank. We have 28 and 28, limp red ova

The final part – Image Production

The banks take 13 eggs and 13 limp and 65 coins.

str potion we produce on behalf of Lord Apothecary
Repeat this process until no ingredients be gone.
str potion is not favorable to tanning, the ingredients are more expensive than a str potion. It is best to take him to the hard monsters.

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