The Best RuneScape Bots (Macros)

Sites to get great Runescape bots (macros).

There are many places now to get macros in Runescape. Some are real, some are fake, some are just trying to get your password! But luckily, there are a few sites that have excellent bots. Some are free, others are payed for but definitely worth the money.

1st. My personal favorite:

“ brings you premium RS bots at very affordable, fair prices. Our premium bots allow you to safely enjoy the game without having to go through the countless, tireless hours of developing your characters.” With 48 Premium bots and 6 FREE bots, you can accomplish almost any goal!

2nd. Soon to be selling bots (Also an AMAZING Merchanting group):

MERCHANTING.NET is a group of Runescape’s top Merch Clans (10 Popular Merch Clans, with over 100B wealth) all under one site, using all their resources together to run the RS Economy and Epic Merch’s to give their members maximum profits! As told by the Leader of the site, 100% BAN FREE bots will be sold, and are currently being developed. (If you decide to sign up to this website, be sure to make an introduction and mention you were referred by: Jake1715)

3rd. Another great site:

“ is the premiere source for Premium Runescape Bots and Free Runescape bots. We have created the best and undetected runescape bots, runescape hacks, runescape cheats ever known. Every bot is undetectable, working, and features support for randoms. Our site has been the pioneer of Runescape Botting with players all around the world who want to train their account efficiently.for them. Here at RSBot, we provide quality over quantity, which means our bots are the most advanced runescape bots you can buy on the market today!”

4th. is a little bit smaller site, and only has 9 bots to choose from, but the 9 available were all made by Perfecticus (an amazing coder) and run flawlessly.

5th. is a great site, conjoined with The main thing about is that ALL THE BOTS ARE FREE. They weren’t all made by professional coders, but they work great, even though they are FREE. To get this bot running correctly, however, takes some time  to understand, but is easy to do. The best way to get the bot is via SVN, but for those who do not know how to use SVN, set environment variables (if needed to), or download and install JDK, there is a normal download version that works just as well (Not all of the bots work with the download version)

In my opinion, theses sites have the best bots on the market. They all work very well.

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