The Best Thing to Merch on RuneScape at The Moment

This is the fastest thing to merch right now. TRY it and you can be making about 1m a day…

There are many many many ways in runescape to make money but merching is the fastest for people that don’t want to work on their skills or just want to make some extra money while they are working on their skills…

So first of all go to the grand exchange. You will need about 200k to start merching this item. So first off buy a rune full helm for like 30 coins more than the medium price on it. After that do the same with rune plate-legs, then rune plate-body, and then rune kite-shield. After you have everything make this item into a set so you can sell it full. Sell this item for 195k. Log in the next day or the day after that and you will see that someone has bought it. You will be making little money at first but after you start making about 100 rune armour sets a day that when the BIG money hits. I merch about 100 off them each day and from this I make about 900k every day!!

While the items are selling you can go have fun by doing a quest or hanging out in the party room. Because if it was a skill you would have to be working on it constantly. For me 900k isn’t enough for 1 day so I also cut down yew trees while the sets are merching so I’m getting about 1.1m EVERY DAY that is over 6mil in just one week and like I said the more money you have then buy more parts each time. My friends have about 40mil and they buy 500 of each part and then sell 500 so in about 2 days they make more than 9mil in just 2 days. Well good luck and if you need any help in merching you can always join a merching clan and they tell you good things to merch at the moment or if you just didn’t understand a part of this add me and I’m on almost every day and i can help you. Name is killa gang7. Good luck and happy MERCHING!!!:) :) :)

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