The Best Way to Get Rid of Botters!! for RuneScape Administrators Only

Please message me back if you see this… I can go more into detail about how to do this…

there are plenty of ways to temporarily get rid of botters and im sure you’ve realized that by now… this is one way that is fool-proof!!

its called a f-update or forever-update. its atually what makes up firewalls but this is modified.

to start off let me say that noone will get banned so it is minimal work on your part

ive seen the epicbot online or a commonly used bot on runescape because its free and heard from an anonomys source that when an update happens it takes about 1-2 days to update well that update.

on runescape the updates are practically immediate therefore you could have an update that happened in an unseen part of runescape (say changing the tint of a shade of grass by 1) and make a certain script that everytime it changed an update would have to happen-linking the f-update the grass. this would make it so ruescape could only be played on or the downloaded runescape since the are so much closer directed to the runescape access sight.

this f-update actually wouldnt create anymore lag than 10 to the -36.62 milliseconds per loading while you load a new block.

message me on runescape or back here on at cplspiderpig- i can go more into detail and again this is fail-proof, not hard to make, and wouldn’t affect runescape AT ALL!! thank you

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