The Best Way to Recover Your RuneScape Account

This guide talks about how you can successfully recover your Runescape account back.

how to secure accounts after recovering them. 
Step 1: Deleting the EMAIL associated with the account and putting YOURS on
-First go to Account Management
-Next hit Email Registration
-Now Log into the Account
-Enter YOUR email into the NEW email box, leave current email blank
-Click on Code Submission Page
-Go into YOUR email and open the email sent from JaGeX
-Copy the VERIFICATION Code and paste into the Code Submission
-LEAVE that email open
-Click Submit on the Code Submission Page
-Press the “Click Here” in the 2nd paragraph to go back to Code Submission Page
-Go back to the email and scroll DOWN and copy the UNSUBSCRIBE Code
-Enter the email YOU used and paste the UNSUBSCRIBE Code
-Click Submit
-Go back to Account Management by going back to the RuneScape main page
-Click on Email Registration again
-Enter YOUR (Must be the SAME as the one you earlier used to change the email) email to register it
-Go back to YOUR email and you should now have YOUR email on it

Step 2: Recovering the Account
-Click on Account Management
-Scroll DOWN to the bottom and click Recover Password
-Click Recover STOLEN Password
-On the LEFT side it says recover via email
-Enter YOUR email you used earlier to unsub and resub 
-Go back to your email and copy VERIFICATION code and paste in the box and click Recover Via Email
-Now the account has been CLEARED of the Recovery Questions you DIDN’T know

Step 3: Setting Recovery Questions
-Go to Account Management
-Click on Set Recovery Questions
-Log into THE account
-Fill out the whole form and click Submit
-You have YOUR Recovery Questions ACTIVATED

Step 4: The FINAL Step [Changing the Password]
-Go to Account Management
-Click on Change Password
-Log into THE account
-Enter the OLD password and enter YOUR new one 

This is my own method not a cheap leeched method like the others posted. This method can be used for recovering your own RS account or “hijacking” another. I take no responsibility for your actions this is made for educational purposes only. – sexy_jesus of powerbot

Step 1:

start off by going to Runescapes account recover section here is the link for those to lazy to search it.…

Step 2:

First 2000 rs accounts here…cape-players/?

Okay to recover accounts it is best to recover inactive accounts, so the best way to do this is try and recover from the first 2000 people who played as most of these accounts were made in 2001/2002 when Runescape 2 was first released. The reason these accounts are best to pick from are because most of them are inactive!

Start by entering a username of YOUR choice from the list it should be from the list but you CAN try others.

always pick recover forgotten password

Step 3: 

Okay moving on to the tricky part, this is getting the correct information entered to recover accounts. 
Start off by picking to recover WITHOUT an email.

Okay Now select the option I DON’T HAVE RECOVERIES even if the account you are trying to get does have recoveries.

Now the password part, this is a bit tricky but back in 2001/2002 the most used passwords on Runescape tended to be 

1. Qwerty (still commonly used today )
2. Dragon 
3. Password ( one of the most used today )

If you do not wish to do those 3 you may set these 


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    you don’t get both a vertification code and unsubscribe code in the same email, you get the unsubscribe code in the email that it currently registered to the username.


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