The Complete Guide to The RuneScape Cryptic Clue Fest – Help and Solutions

For those of you who are running a bit behind in the cryptic clue fest on Runesape, this guide will give you hints to help you if you get stuck, and the answers if you’re really stumped.

This guide will provide help and hints for those who are stuck but still want to figure the puzzles out for themselves, and there will also be solutions at the bottom of the guide for those who have no idea how to solve the puzzles. So if you just want some help, make sure you don’t scroll down too far.

To begin the cryptic clue fest, look for the news item about it on the Runescape home page. Click this article, then click the link in the article that takes you to the forum where the clues are. Have a read through the intro and the rules and you’re ready to begin!


Chapter 1 – Lumbridge Confidential

After you have read through the backstory for this chapter, you will see that your first clue is a shopping list. Something is blatantly obviously strange about the way the list is written – things have been put where they aren’t supposed to be. Look at each one of these “mistakes” in order and you’ll know who to speak to and what to bring.

HINT – Although some of the strange letters aren’t in the right place, don’t forget the ones that are in the right place – they form part of the answer, too.

HINT – The items in the list aren’t actually the items you need. The answer lies entirely in the way the list is written.

Chapter 2 – Broken Arrow

After you’ve spoken to the person mentioned in the answer to the first puzzle, it’s time to read chapter 2 on the forum. The 2 clues are an advert from the place you need to go to, and a grid showing common items found in Runescape, with a short riddle and some equations. The first clue is kind of pointless considering the forum tells you the grid looks like somewhere in the museum – so obviously the museum is your first stop.

Look on each floor of the museum until you find a display layout that looks like the one in the grid of items in the clue. Then, solve each equation (you might want to use a piece of paper and pen) to find out the values of X, Y and Z. Once you have the values, click on the displays in the room you’re in – notice any similarities to the equations’ answers? Note which display has a similarity to which equation value, then look back at the grid of items in the clue, and see where each of the displays you’ve noted would fit into the grid. Remember that the clue says “two of treasure 1″ etc. Now go get the correct number of the items as they are shown in the grid, and take them to the Varrock shopkeeper mentioned in the forum.

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