The melee weapons guide in runescape

Here are the melee weapons in the world of runescape. The other weapons will come up later. If i miss anything, please tell me, thank you. (i know i did not add staff such as the obby maul because there is not a weapon type for it, please do not pm me about this.)

Dagger- The fastest and the weakest weapon, it sucks at f2p because it misses a lot with little damage. However at members world, it becomes the weapon all pkers own. Because the daggers can be poisoned and the dragon dagger’s special attack is very powerful, combine dragon dagger with superpoison, a great weapon.

Rating Free-* Member-*****

Sword- Attacks at a normal speed with normal damage. Reasonable price, focus in stabbing and slashing. A sword does not have a dragon item which make many members loss interest in them. The free players prefer longswords.

Rating Free-* Member-*

Long sword- Speed little bit slower than sword but more powerful. A warrior’s every day’s friend. The dragon long is also among members.

Rating Free-*** Member-***

Scimitar- A weapon with fast speed and normal damage. The rune scimitar is widely used in the free member world for its fast speed and decent damage. In members the scimitar is not that common because the strongest scimitar, dragon scimitar, requires finishing a very difficult quest. When players finish that quest, they usually find themselves can afford better weapons.

Rating Free-***** Member-***

Mace- Mace is a very special weapon because it is the only weapon gives a prayer bonus and one of the two weapon focus on crush attack. It has fast speed with weak damage. The prayer bonus gives prayer longer time to use their prayer and the crush attack gives players better chance to crush through plated armor. However many people ignores it because the bonus is very small and there are better weapons than mace.

Rating Free-* Member-**

War hammer- A very powerful weapon, its brutal attack power is second only to the 2 hand sword. The war hammer is slow but is one handed which means you can use a shield. Also it focuses on crush attack which makes it does more damage on plated warriors. But it is not popular in free world because is slow and many people like battle axe, in members it also unpopular because it does not have a strong weapon.

Rating Free-* Member-*

Battleaxe- A single hand weapon with strong attack, the battleaxe is some what similar to a war hammer except the battleaxe focus on slash attack which can cut robes or leather much quicker so rangers and mages die faster. The battle-axe also has a decent attack bonus on crush attack, which can use on warriors. In members the dragon battle axe’s special ability can greatly enhance a player’s performance.

Spear(members only)- The spear is a very balanced weapon. Its attack bonus and strength are the same. It is 2 handed with normal speed and normal damage. The spear is slow to train attack and strength because three of its four attack style are controlled and the other is defense. However the spear can be poisoned.

Rating Members-*

Claws(members only)- A two hand weapon. Gives fast attack and little damage. It does give a nice defense bonus. Claws are totally worthless compare to other weapons. The only use for it is when it come out, the price is extremely high so if you have a smithing level, you can earn millions in minutes.

2 hand sword- The most powerful and slowest weapon in game, it is 2 handed(duh, obviously right?) it has slash and crush bonus which means it can cut through both warrior’s plate and mages or rangers’ robes or leathers. It is favored by many to pk in free world, in members it is not so popular because it is tooooo slow.

Rating Free-**** Members-*

Halberd(members only weapon)- It has same speed with a 2 hand sword. High attack bonus, the special thing about it is it can attack monsters 2 spaces away. This means players can hide behind an obstacle while safely attack the monster without using food. However, it can only be wield after complete a difficult quest.

Rating Member-***

(The other weapons such as range and magic and other melee such as whip will come upon later, stay tuned!)

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  2. likespie
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    is hard to get image without copyright, i left out stuff such as whip or obby items for the othr guide that are coming soon.

  3. omfg
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    lol, not a good guide

    bad info and bad rates
    one star for battle axe at mems that must be 5
    lot of stars at normal sword not any normal member swords scimmys underrated to

    bad guide/……….

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    and if any1 is readin this runehq has WAY!!!!!!! better guides

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    and u need to tell how much xp ea slash or stab gives and tat will make u WAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! better

  9. brinsley1
    Posted April 13, 2007 at 9:59 am

    is this some kind of joke? there are no images, and u havent even described the diferent types of metal used in runescape.

    thanks for nothing.

  10. potatoe pal
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  13. youre master cant copy weapons
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  21. Ifax
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    This guide is OK for noobs. I liked how it was a basic overview of all the rs weps. Aside from that it was very useless for high level ppl.

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    It helped me find a Crush + Attack training weapon. Thanks.

  38. Anonomys
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    I have a lvl 132 member i have full dragon, sara godsword and i have 32mil and i am ranked 3rd best player on runescape i have 99 skill for everything

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    Well, it was good enough for me to read through the whole thing, and I’m pretty sure none of you guys would spend the time to make a guide. If you found this guide, you were obviously looking for help, and this person was trying to help YOU!

    I hope you make more guides in the future, possibly more thorough though. I understand the whole copywrite jargon too. Good luck man!

  44. Andrew
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    Dont listen to everyone else, it’s a good guide and atleast you made one.

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    hey if any 1 wants to know how to make money you hace came to the right person. if u are a mem keep getting arrow shafts if u dont know how to get it u get a knife and a log and cut it

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    no godswords, no d claws (most powerful spec in the game), no whip… lol.

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