The Top 10 F2p Monsters to Train on

A list of the best 10 monsters to train on in Runescape for non-members. Always remember that you gain experience depending on what you hit, so if you max hit becomes about the same or higher than the monster’s hp, then it may mean that you should change places.

1. Lesser demons (Level 82) – Karamja Volcano (or Crandor Island)

These demons have a low attack and defense level, have around 80 hp but can hit 8s without any weapons. They have relatively good drops and give great xp for mid to high level players, usually dropping from 40gp up to a rune med helm (usually happens once every 200 kills or so). There are several hiding spots for mages and rangers to use and the demons will become non-aggressive after around 10 minutes. If there are too many people, you can switch worlds or go to a german server (usually with 50-500 people).

Moss giants  (Level 42)- Eastern Ruins (Level 30 wilderness), Crandor Island, or Varrock Sewers

Moss giants are usually level 42 but can still hit up to 5s. They always drop big bones (worth around 300gp each) and can also drop black kiteshields, mithril stuff, magic runes, and a few other items. It is however not recommended that you go into the wilderness because of the revenants that can annoy you or even easily kill you (level 7 revenant imps can hit 8s!).

Cockroach Soldiers (Level 81) – Stronghold of Player Safety

These are level 81 but are way stronger than lesser demons. They can hit up to 13s and will use whatever you use at it, so it’ll range you if you range, it’ll mage you if you use mage, and it can also melee you. However they have very high defense and are recommended for only very high leveled players but can drop a couple different rune items, magic runes, etc. Fortunately, they are not aggressive, unlike the lesser demons and moss giants mentioned earlier.

Hill giants (Level 28) – Edgeville Dungeon

Unlike the previous three, hill giants are a low level 28 but still drop big bones every single time, like the moss giants. They can also drop limpurt roots, other steel items, runes, and various cheap items. Like before, if it is crowded, then change worlds, preferably onto one of the German servers.

Minotaurs (Level 10 – 12) – Strong of of Security first level

Minotaurs are great training for low-leveled players, especially those using ranged because you can usually end up with more iron arrows picked up from the minotaurs than you started with. They have around 10 hp and drop cheap runes, coins, iron arrows, etc.

Hobgoblins (Level 28 and 42) – Southwest of Melzar’s Maze

Hobgoblins can be found along the water near Melzar’s Maze. They can drop several steel items, 1-150 coins, or a few runes (including law runes, cosmic runes, fire runes, water runes, chaos runes, nature runes, etc.).

Al-kharid Warriors (Level 9) – Al-Karid

These are level 9 but have 19 hp. If you attack one of them, others will come and team up on you if they can see you because the area is a multi-combat zone.

Goblins (Levels 2 – 25) – Almost Anywhere

Lumbridge has quite a lot of goblins. Again, it can be crowded, so switch worlds if many low-leveled players waste your time there.

Cows (Level 2) – Lumbridge East cow pen or South Falador

Cows are only level 2, but have 8 hp. They drop cowhides which can sell for around 100gp off players and the grand exchange, making them great for making money for low-leveled players.

Chickens (Level 1)- South Faldador or Lumbridge chicken pen

Chickens have only 3 hp but the feathers dropped can sell for 4-5 gp each. However, unlike the cowhide dropped from cows, feathers are stackable, so you can carry as many as you want with you without having to bank them.

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    arent there other demons above lesser demons like greater demons or summat

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    Although I already know these places, this is a good guide for anyone who has not. Bravo on a job well done.
    p.s Are those all your own pictures, or are they “borrowed”.

  6. gioxy
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    that was sucky.I mean, goblins?cows?minotaurs?hill giants?chickens????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the only
    ones you mentioned that were good to train on were the lesser demons,cocroach
    soldiers,and moss giants!sucky!

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    there are lots of better monsters to train on.

  9. blakekim4
    Posted January 22, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    umm im lvl 88 and my username is blakekim4 i think the best place is at the lvl 50 spiderss in the strongohld on the cockroaches they drop rune scims and square shields-rune or lesser demons if ur over 80 cb

  10. yo noobs
    Posted March 2, 2009 at 6:43 pm

    Also, a good spot for rangers (if you can telegrab and get your arrows back) and mages is the lesser demon in the 2nd floor of the wizards tower. U need telegrab because its in a cage…

  11. lancelot5240
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  14. Luke Smith
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    I think this is a good guide but im lv 64 my usernames guthixguy2 and i wana no is there anything else that is better to train on?

  15. David
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    Nice Guide!

    I also reccomend the Giant Spiders that are located in the stronghold of security. I recommend only for high level players. 70+. But they dont drop anything but they are very good xp.

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