The Ultimate Fishing Guide 1-99 (F2P)

The most comprehensive Runescape fishing guide with both new and old methods tested several times to make you a master fisher in Runescape while keeping your expenses low.

Materials Needed:

Essential: Crayfish Cage, Small Fishing Net,Bait, Fishing Rod, Fly Fishing Rod, Feathers, Harpoon, Lobster Cage, and at least 10K.

Optional: Explorer’s Ring 3, admiral pies, and no armor on except for the explorer’s ring.

Levels 1-15:

Method 1

Go to the Lumbridge fishing store and take a crayfish cage as well as a small fishing net from the free samples. After that, head northwest to the pond with the crayfish cage. (In case you still can’t find it, just go west from Farmer Fred’s house). Once there start catching crayfish and cooking them for some additional cooking experience, then sell to the general store or drop until you reach Level 15. And in case you’re wondering, shrimp is actually slower to catch than crayfish, so if you do not get a crayfish every 10 seconds on average then switch spots.

Method 2

Once you reach Level 10 from catching crayfish (refer to Method 1 for Levels 1-15), sell your crayfish cage to the general store, buy a fishing rod and 100 bait, then head to the Draynor Village fishing spot just south of the bank and begin fishing for sardines and herrings, then cook and store in the bank just 7 seconds running time away. 

Levels 16-25

Method 1

Buy 300 bait from the Port Sarim fishing store and fish for sardines and herrings (refer to Method 2 for Levels 1-15). Then, take out the small fishing net and get shrimp and anchovies for the rest of the needed experience. DO NOT COOK THE SHRIMP AND SELL IT TO THE LUMBRIDGE GENERAL STORE FOR BEGINNERS!

Method 2

Use the small fishing net and raise your level to 20. After that, buy 1000 feathers and sell 500 at the Grand Exchange to get the same amount that you spent. Then, head over to the Barbarian Village fishing spot and start fishing for trout. Since your fishing level probably isn’t high enough, bank it in Edgeville for now. If you can afford to spend some money, buy a few admiral pies to eat as they raise your fishing level by 5.

Levels 26-50

Method 1

Go to the Barbarian Village and fish for trout and later salmon (refer to Method 2 for Levels 16-25), only stopping to buy and sell feathers (also see Method 2 for Levels 16-25). Sell 1/4 of your raws once you get 100 raws.

Method 2

Buy 500 bait from the Lumbridge fishing store and start fishing for pike at the Lumbridge fishing spot on the river west of the cowfields (see your world map) or the Barbarian Village. Bank all of your pike and buy and sell feathers (refer to Method 2 for Levels 16-25), head over to the Barbarian Village with feathers and fly fishing rod in hand for the rest of the exp.

Levels 50-99

Method 1

Keep on buying and selling feathers and fishing for trout and salmon in the Barbarian Village fishing spot, as this is one of the best F2P spots around as it is home to medium level fish that give good experience yet are easy to catch and is very close to a bank and eternal fire.

Method 2

Do the steps shown in Method 1 for Levels 50-99 until Level 60. After that, bring both a harpoon and lobster cage to the Karamja fishing spot north of the banana plantation (you must have finished Pirates Treasure) and if possible low-alch the tuna and bank the fish with the cabbage way provided by the explorer’s ring. Soon enough, you will be getting swordfish as well.




From =)—–There is a man in Karamja that will note your fish for you. He is south of the fishing spot that I talked about in the previous section.

From Arker—–You can also get feathers by buying them off beginners in Runescape by the chicken farm north of Lumbridge on the way to Varrock.

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  1. Lysand3r117
    Posted May 8, 2010 at 6:42 am

    Hi.Nice guide.I’m a f2p and I am finding the fastest way to level 70.(Currently level 62).Any suggestions? They say the fastest way for p2p is to fly-fish in Shilo Village.Well,is it the same if I power-fish at Barbarian Village?

  2. Posted June 6, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    If you are F2P, the best way is to just fly-fish at Barbarian Village.
    (Note: I meant that you should buy the feathers at the Port Sarim or Lumbridge fishing store and then sell (now) 700 of them to break even.)

  3. =)
    Posted July 15, 2011 at 11:26 pm

    one thing u could have add, is that in karajama there is a note guy, he will note all ur fish

  4. Posted January 11, 2012 at 8:01 pm

    Thanks =) I know that in karajama there is a note guy, but it seems that I didn’t write it. Thanks for the note!

  5. ags kill ya
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    nice thnx im lvl 54 fishing trying to get 99 :)

    now i can

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    no problem :)

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