The Ultimate Guide to The Arcane Spellbook Arcanists – F2P

This is a guide to all the entire arcane spellbook. It will tell you about all the spell and what they do and also some tricks I have picked up over the years.

Arcane Arrow- Unless you are noob you will most likely know that this spell hits 40 damage and can (barely) curve around terrain. It can also be used to heal Arcane castle and Imps.

Arcane Flash – This spell hits 15 damage and can send a player flying across the map. Very good spell once you get used to it

Arcane Tower – This tower has 25 health which can be increased by being hit with arcane spells. It can have a max of 100 health.

Arcane Gate-  This is a teleportation spell that can be used to teleport you anywhere on the map as long as there is sufficient space and can be used every 5 turns. If you fall into the water while arcane gate is unavaliable you will lose in third of your health.

Summon Imps - This spell summons 3 imps that you can use to move around and will exploded when you decide to detonate them. The size and damage of the explosion depends on the amount of health they have at the time of detonation. This is also a good spell to use to limit a users movement and, if used correctly, will not allow them to use spell without damaging themselves.

Arcane Glyph - This spell encircles you with a maximum of 10 glyphs that will cause 5-10 damage when touched by an enemy, however if you make contact with them they will do no damage and you can continue your turn. These will heal imps when they touch them.

Arcane Bomb – This spell deploys a bomb which will detonate, and has the same effect of arcane flash, after a few seconds and release 3 arcane arrows. This spell can be used to damage multiple enemies in on turn. If the enemies are in the right place you can knock multiple of them off the map. If you use the ball in a place that will flash the enemy off and make the arrows go to another player can knock them off the map otherwise it will inflict 30 damage to the enemy.


Arcane Energiser - This increases the power of arcane spells by 5 (5 for arcane flash and arcane ball and 5 for each individual arcane arrow) This is a more efficient way to power up your imps or your castle or just cause extra damage to your enemies.

Arcane Portal – This makes a 2 portals that will send something in one and out the other. It will only allow one thing to go through it each turn (One person, One minion, One arcane arrow, One napalm etc.) You can use this spell below a player and make the other portal appear over water and if the player is making contact with the portal above your head it will send them into the water. The portals will restore every turn.

Imp Destruction – This will explode all imps on the map and each will release a number of arcane arrows, the number depends on the health of the imp, which will head to a target of your choice.

Arcane Sigil- This spell creates 3 glyphs bundled together that will inflict 5 – 10 damage per glyph when a player comes into contant with them. If you cast this close enough to an enemy it will automatically cause one of the glyphs to explode and cause 5 – 10 damage.

Arcane Zero Shield – This spell will not allow any players to use any offensive spells. Members can still use some spells like Den of Darkness to cause damage because it is not an offensive spell.

That concludes my guide.

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