Things to Do in RuneScape F2P

This is a list of suggestions to do in Runescape F2p when you are bored.

1) Go to the wilderness and just explore it. Becareful of Pkers though :P

2) Wear full saradomin armour and go around lumbridge begging for money and say that you just got hacked

3) Join a clan or better yet start you own clan and just chill with them

4) With your clan go to clan wars and pwn those noobs! :P

5) Join a drop party!!!

6) Get a duelist hat and go to the duel arena. Get 10 kills and you will unlock the emote for it.

7) Think your not rich enough? GO AND GET SOME MONEY

8) Finally, take a break and get some fresh air from outside

Hope you enjoy this :D

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