Top 10 RuneScape Equipment for Free to Players

A list of top 10 equipment for f2ps. Great if you need some better stuff.

#10.Amulet of power

The amulet of Power is in great demand in Runescape f2p.This is also the best necklace you can get in Runescape free to play. Everyone loves them and they match very well with various types of armors.

#9.Rune berserker shield

This is a great piece of equipment for fighters. This shield has +1 higher in every Defence stat than the original rune Kite shield, On top of that a +4 STR bonus. But it’s been brought down to 9th place because you have to charge it every 6 hours or so of solid combat.

#8 Rune crafter’s gloves

Finally some decent gloves for mages in f2p, it’s great if you are a mage and tired of low def leather vambs or greend’hide vambs letting down your magic. The only thing that brings this to 8th place is because of its high RC level requirements to get it.

#7 Rune crafter hat

Great at to say at least, it’s a way better choice than the original wizard’s hat. This hat also comes with goggles to make you look cool.

#6 Strongholds of security boots

That’s right the good old fancy/horned boots is in 6th. These boots might seem not worthy of being one of the best items in f2p but you are wrong. This is by far the best boots you can get in f2p, not only is it easy to get but they give a reasonable DEF bonus. also the fancy boots matches well with rune gold trimmed armor.

#5 Strongholds of safety gloves

These came in number 5 because they are suitable for all classes: Mages, warriors and rangers alike.

#4 Rune Platebody (or trimmed rune armor)

This is the strongest piece of DEF equipment in f2p.But it’s also the most expensive. By wearing this and the rest of the rune equipment you’ll be almost invincible to the monsters in f2p.

#3 Lumbridge explorer’s ring (3)

This is a great ring, both in f2p and p2p.Not only does it give +1 magic and +1 prayer but it also has great effects as well. Like restore run energy when you are doing rune crafting runs and mining. Also the teleport to cabbage patch will save you extra bag slots for Pking.On top of all that it also has a low alchemy feature which will turn stuff you don’t need into gold, great eh?

#2 Rune gauntlets

Yep, now fighters don’t need to waste time and get their range up to 40 to where those greend’hide vambs. A rune gauntlet provides awesome Defence and +2 STR bonus. On top of all that you don’t have to recharge it! (The only way it’ll lose its charge is if you die with it on).

#1 Rune Scimitar

The best melee weapon designed for free to players. Not only is this weapon fast but it does a medium amount of damage and is fairly accurate. Favored by many players and it’s quite cheap considering it to be a rune weapon. This weapon mixed with rune gauntlets and rune berserker shield shall leave your opponent’s crying for mercy! LOL!

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