Top Afk Training Spots in RuneScape

The best spots to AFK train in runescape quickly and easily.

AFK training is training away from the keyboard which let’s the player attend to other tasks while their runescape account gains experience, here i will tell you the top three locations for AFK training.

The first spot is in the wilderness, the bandit camp, here you can train on bandits who are aggressive to all players who enter the camp and always attack, the benefits of this location are the bandits are only level 23, have low defense, and this area is almost always empty. There’s a fishing spot nearby and a vendor where you can buy materials to cook pizzas for health. The disadvantages are, its in the wilderness so you’ll have to watch for revenants, the bandits do have a decent attack to lower level players, and most of the camp is just above level 20 wilderness so there’s no teleporting unless you go lower in the area.

The second is in the stronghold of security in the barbarian village, here on almost all the floors are aggressive monsters to kill. I suggest the North west room of the 2nd level where there’s level 44 aggressive zombies and flesh crawlers or on the 3rd level with spiders. You can also try the 4th level with higher level monsters. This is a great place to train especially for players with high defence.

The third place is more for higher leveled players who can combat lesser demons, on the island of Karamja enter the volcano and follow the path south to a area of lesser demons, they are aggressive and have high hp (hitpoints) and low defence, the only disadvantage is their attack is pretty good so you will have to check on your account so it doesn’t die if you have a lower defence.

All three places are good for lower, mid, and higher level players. Monsters will stop being aggressive after 10-20 minutes then you’ll have to leave then reenter the area. If not you’ll be logged out, it’s always wise to bring food also just incase you take more damage than expected. Happy leveling!

Thanks for reading.

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