Top Five RuneScape Gold Service Sites

Don’t you wish you could be one of the wealthiest RuneScape players? Now you can, by purchasing from these top RuneScape gold service sites!


What makes up a good RuneScape Gold Service Site?

Price: How much value you can buy per dollar.  We tested: Dragon Claws

Speed: How quickly they complete your order. From The Speed Posted On Their Websites

Ease of Use: How easy it is place an order. -Rated by us!-


All of these RuneScape Sites are Guaranteed to not be Scams

- Obviously this website has put some time into designing their layout.  Their categories are very organized and they have appropriate prices.

This website looks really clean and original. You can find any item or equipment without searching through pages. 

 - This site has been around for approximately 5 years and has remained strong; satisfying each and every customer.

Although may have lousy prices, they sure have a large staff that finishes your order as fast as they can!

Gold4RS has an affiliate program, and it would help so much if you guys could put “BTOdell” as the referral’s name, if there is an option to do so.

 - This site doesn’t just offer RuneScape services but also W.O.W. and MapleStory services also!  Prices are also reasonably lower than Gold4RS’s.

If your on a limited budget and don’t mind losing some speed in your delivery, browse right over to and start shopping!

 - One of the best places to buy from if you are on a low budget. The shopping interface is as simple as it gets but has an ample amount of features.

Although RuneScape2Gold has everything a RS Gold Service site should have, the website has obviously been translated via computer from another language, so the grammar is barely passable.

 - This is just another RuneScape gold company, however the feedback from customers do claim they have polite customer service.  Prices are a bit high compared to others but thankfully it is safe and reliable.

I wouldn’t recommend RSOrder, so try using one of the others above.

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  1. Posted November 22, 2011 at 2:10 am

    I find the price of rsorder is lowest. The ordering process is easy.

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