Triond Glitch: Articles Being Placed in Wrong Area?

Lots of articles are being placed in completely incorrect areas – read about it.

So I’ve noticed an odd triond glitch. And it’s annoying too.

I’ve been doing a bit of publishing recently, and have noticed something. When I first started triond, it used to take 1-3 days for an article to get published, but it’d always get put in the right place.

Now, it takes an all of 20 seconds. I’m not complaining. But they get put in the wrong places incredibly often.

I wrote an article on RuneScape last week. It got put in the religion section. Yes. Religion. Why religion? Something just isn’t right about that.

And this is happening to me with alot of articles. So I relocate them. And around 50% of the time, my relocation request is denied. Denied! When I tried to relocate my RuneScape article from the religion section, it was denied. So I sent in email personally to have it moved, and only then did it get moved. And even then, it still isn’t in the proper section on gameolosophy.

I think triond needs to allow us to choose exactly where we place our articles, and if the filter then decides it does not belong there fine – but right now I, and I think many others are losing views due to not having articles being placed in their proper sections!

Just got this published. And ironcially…’s in the wrong section!!!!

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  1. Posted February 14, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    Thank you, this happened to me today!!

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