Ultimate Runescape Smithing Guide (f2p/p2p)

This guide shows you how to reach smithing 99 in different ways.

Table of Contents

Smithing Guide

Smithing Dictionary

Introduction to the Smithing Guide

Basics of Smithing

XP Tables

Key points


Serious Smithing

*The Blast Furnace Method*

The Ultimate method F2P/P2P

The Best “Cheap” Method

Things to speed up the process

Smithing Training Guide

Final Words

Smithing Dictionary

To kick this off we should begin by learning the few words which could come in handy.
The Grand X – The Grand Exchange
Steel – Steel Bars
Iron – Iron Ores
Coal – Coal Ores
Mithril – Mithril Ores
SHI – Superheat Item
Iron Pl8 – Iron plate body
Bar(s) – Created by smithing ores into bars (ex. Iron and two coal into steel)

Introduction to the Smithing Guide

Welcome to my Smithing Guide!
This skill might not be like mining but it can come in handy at some points! Of Course I hope that this will help you out on your way to 70, 85, or maybe even all the way to 99 smithing.
As we know there are a few hard-to-train skills out there, one of them is smithing. A lot of people throw their money in the garbage can (over 130m actually (65m for members)) to get to level 99 smithing. Using a few methods you could get to that level in a cheap and might a little bit more efficient way than just smelting steel all day.

The Basics of Smithing

This step is essential and known by many but it can be an important step to take before continuing onwards.
Smithing is a crafting skill, which might be well known by now. You make your bars out of ores.
Lower levels will have a slower rate of gaining experience than higher levels but with this method you could probably get to those high levels without any pain.
To be able to train smithing you will need to be able to use a hammer and a furnace.

XP Tables

This part does not call to the dictionary.

Ores –> Bars : experience.
Bronze – 6.2xp/bar created
Blurite – 8xp/bar created
Iron – 12,5xp/bar created
Silver – 13,7xp/bar created
Steel – 17,5xp/bar created
Gold – 22,5xp/bar created
Gold (gauntlets)* – 56,2xp/bar created
Mithril – 30xp/bar created
Adamantite – 37,5xp/bar created
Runite – 50xp/bar created

Elemental – 7.5/bar created

Bars –> Items

Bronze – 12,5xp/bar used
Blurite* – 17,5xp/bar used
Iron – 25xp/bar used (except sheet which gives 20xp/bar used)
Steel – 37,5xp/bar used (except cannonballs:25,5xp and studs: 25xp/bar used)
Mithril – 50exp/bar used
Adamantite – 62,5xp/bar used
Runite – 75xp/bar used

Dragon plate body gives 2000xp when created
Dragon sq shield gives 75xp when created
Godswords – God swords gives 200xp when created
Creating arcane, divine or elysian spirit shield – gives 1800xp when created
Dragonfire shield – Gives 2000xp when created

**Gold Bowl gives 30xp/bar used when created (bars got a chance to be destroyed with the result of no bowls created)

**Golden Helmet gives 30xp when created

**Elemental Armor – 20xp/item created

* P2P
**Quest bound items

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    What do you not understand? I actually did all the calculations for you :)

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    this helped alot thx now i have 49 smithing

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    hard to read. some good points, though.

  7. anonymous
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    Um… quite a good guide. I think i still need help, well i have 80 smithing and im f2p, i dont want to lose money, so what do i do? smelting adamantite bars? way to slow… any other methods?

  8. Posted October 13, 2009 at 8:52 am

    to anonymous.

    If you are lucky you can even superheat addy bars and make money, otherwise the only way you got is smelting bars

  9. anonymos
    Posted October 19, 2009 at 3:15 am

    to Asko O.

    i can’t do that, i’m a level 3 skiller, can’t superheat addy bars. So no other methods besides smelting addy bars? this is a very slow method, have 81 smith now :)

  10. anonymous
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    whoopz spelt anonymous wrong :l

  11. Posted October 19, 2009 at 8:07 am

    Then yes if you are a f2p and don’t want to loose money then smelting is the only way….

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    Nice. Now i have 45 smithing.

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    great guide man ive been following this fir like 3 months and im now 99 smithin thnks to u!
    great guide!

  16. anonymous
    Posted January 1, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    I am at 92 smithing right now, and i find it easy to make steel bars until you have x amount of $.. for example like 4mil, then buy 2mil worth of ores, make platebodies, high alch.. and then smelt until i have 4 mil again. its tedious, but its actually a decent method.

  17. Posted January 20, 2010 at 9:24 am

    very good guide, its just a bit long, i couldnt be stuffed reading it all so just scanned through. 9/10

  18. Posted January 20, 2010 at 9:27 am

    to anonymous,

    your a level 3 skiller right? anyway what is your name on runescape?

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    my azz hurtz buttz zezzimazz y0 uur guid wocks i lvl 56775 smittin n0w y0 muddah!

  20. Wuschel72
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    With the new item coalbag from Dungeoneering you can hold mor coal and so faster xp with SHI

    Can you refresh it plz :D

  21. exsole
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    yer who ever did this then help this delemar ok i have 48 smithing and i only have 19k ( i died with all my money) so what now

  22. Wells
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    This guide is dreadful.

  23. Posted May 29, 2010 at 5:37 am

    No I am not a level 3 skiller :D
    to exsole: Start smelting steel bars – buy ores and coal and smelt and sell bars – you make profit and money.

  24. typhlosiond
    Posted September 15, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    This guide isn’t very good… I have 79 smithing following my own methods; i tried both but mine got better results…

  25. Posted October 29, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    this guide isn’t terrible but yes (granted) some parts are a little hard to understand (I give it a 9/10 personally) but yeah I did think some parts a well written, while others (sadly) didn’t make any sense, But I did love that fact that you put in a part that says all the words (such as Steel Pl8 means Steel plate body) :)

    Regards, Lumbridge!:)

  26. Posted October 29, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    Hey guys, My name is Sunny Earth, (yes my actual RuneScape username) and I just wanted to comment really quick about this guild.

    First off -
    yes this guild wasn’t the worst guild out there, BUT it wasn’t the best either as Lumbridge did I am also giving it a 9/10 mostly because its a good guild but it is missing some things, such as the way to get 99 smithing it is an okay guild tho!

    Seconly -
    I loved the fact that you included a TOC (Table of Contents) which was actually semi-Helpful, Especially to those noobs (new players) out there So yeah I really did enjoy reading this guild and yes it wasn’t terrible if thats what you are thinking

    One more thing, ALOT of you are probobly wondering why I haven’t been playing RuneScape and, Why I have not gotten 99 mining as I’ve been wanted, Well those to reason are very simple, Quite frankly RuneScape has just gotten more and more boring I still do enjoy it and I still have my account, ALOT of dumbasses (Excuse my language) have been saying they hacked my account or even have my account, WELL! that isn’t ture I’m just not going to play as much but yes I will be getting 99 mining :) and HOPEFULLY 99 smithing!

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    Nice guide dude!Qeustion are you on triond?

  28. Posted December 19, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    yes I am just click on my name

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    This guide sucks monkey balls

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    noone asked you to read it :D

  31. Ethan
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    I was expecting a guide, that recommends what to make at certain levels, not a list of amounts of exp for certain items. I have 38/39 smithing last time I checked

  32. andrew
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    Worst guide EVER. Go die in a pit

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