Vodka5 Interview

Say hello to Vodka5.

Me: so vodka5, what is your real name?

V5: well my real name is Vanessa Rowes

Me: so you’re a girl? Wow, I am very surprised….. so where do you live exactly?

V5: I am indeed a girl and I live in the UK.

Me: ok… so what does your bank look like?

V5 well, my bank actually has quit a few things in it. I have 8 capes and it is very organized. I have cooking, strength, attack, wood chopping, defence, fire making, hitpoints, and my favorite, prayer.

Me: wow, that’s very good. Are you very rich?

V5: well not at the moment…. I spent a lot on my prayer cape.

Me: ok. What’s is your motivation?

V5: well really I just like the game. I also do things to get items to wear. I absolutely love looking good!

Me: ok last question, what is the next skillcape you plan on getting?

V5: well the next one will definetly be fletching. I am very close in that category. If you want information on my bank, go to YouTube and look me up.

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