What is The Hardest F2P Level to Level Up to 99?

What is the hardest f2p level to level up to 99?

Well, what IS the hardest f2p level to get to 99? (when I say hardest, I mean the most time consuming and/or when full attention is nearly almost required). I’ve chosen some skills which I think are the hardest to level to 99…

1. Runecrafting – I think most people would agree with me when I say Runecrafting is hard to level up, even in p2p worlds. It is a very tedious and boring 99 to achieve which requires full attention almost at all times. Although, after you achieve a fairly high level in it, there is quite a lot of cash in it, I would say that it is not a big enough incentive to try and get 99 in it. However, as rune essence is required to make the runes, and most people buy this, you must be prepared to lose quite a bit of cash in the process of achieving 99 Runecrafting!

2. Mining – Mining is also a very tedious 99 to achieve, and like Runecrafting, there can be quite a lot of money in it if you do go for it. I have to say if you are going to try for it and you are f2p, you have to go to the mining guild and mine coal most of the way. This is what I think makes 99 mining so tedious to achieve as you will mainly have to mine coal and maybe some iron and other ores too.

3. Prayer – Although in theory, this should be an easy 99 as you could just buy bones all of the way, it is still very hard on f2p. It is very rare that you are rich enough to buy big bones all of the way to 99 prayer, and even if you are it will still take a long time to bury all of those bones. This is what makes it so tedious and boring as well as full attention is required to click all of the bones.

4. Crafting – This is also a very tedious skill to level as you barely get any experience per thing you do without losing too much money, which is what I aim for. This would take a very, very, very long time to complete and even if you did level quickly by buying more stuff, then you would lose much more cash. Either way you lose somehow…

Anyways, thanks for reading and please comment at the bottom if you think one of these skills is easy, or other skills are harder. Thanks again!

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    Once again, a very nice post JEEBUS999999 i have to agree the hardest F2P skill is RC and some nice information, i will keep following your threads,
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    rc ftw!

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