What Level Should I be Before I Become a RuneScape Member?

Most of us are attracted at the prospect of Runescape membership but do you have to be a certain level to enjoy membership?

The answer to the above question is no. There is no requirered level to become a runescape member, even a level 3 player could subscribe but this is not usually recommended for two main reasons.

1. The first reason why it is recommended that you should have a higher combat level before subscribing is that if you are a level 3 then you won’t really be able to enjoy many of the new features that come with Runescape membership whereas if you are a level 50+ then you would be able to fight new creatures and if you have a higher cooking level then there are lots of new foods to cook not to mention the new advanced trees and the logs they produce that are worth lots and lots of money.

2. The second reason why it is recommended that you should have a high combat level and higher levels in other skills before you subscribe because it is a good thing if you know you know your way around the free to play area and that you have done all the things you could possibly do in the free to play world such as quests and achievement diaries before subscribing as you will want to make the most of your time as a runescape member, for example, if you like doing quests there are plenty in the member world and what a shame it would be if you were stuck doing the free to play ones while paying for membership.

Conclusion                                                                                                                                                              In conclusion I would just like to say that I myself as a runescape player was attracted to the prospect of runescape membership but I waited until my levels were at about 50 as well as my combat level before I decided that the time was now and so I got runescape membership and didn’t I enjoy it but that’s another story but in the end I suppose it all comes down to you after all it’s your money but in my opinion I would wait till your combat level comes to about 50 but as I said before it’s really your decision that matters the most. By the way if you are considering subscribing to Runescape Membership visit this link for more information on the topic. http://gameolosophy.com/games/online/runescape/runescape-membership-is-it-worth-the-money/

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