Why is Attack, Strength, and Defence Important in RuneScape?

This short article explains why you need to upgrade your Attack, Strength, and Defence skills.

If you are a beginner in Runescape, one of the most important skill in Runescape is your Strength!

  • Attack is the probablility of you hitting a high hit, so the higher your attack level, the more chance there is to hit a higher level.

  • Strength determines your Max hit!  If you want to see what YOUR max hit is, follow this site to a Runescape Max Hit Calculator!


I use this all the time!

  • Defence determines the resistance of your Opponents attack!  The higher the defence level, the less chance that your enemy will hit high on you.  Even though this Skill seems the most needed, it isn’t the way to go…

You should start out by training your Strength and Attack, once you have Attack 5 and Strength 10, get your defence to 5 also.

(When ever possible, upgrade your armour!)

Next, train your Attack to 15, and get your Strength to 25, then get your defence to 15.

Next, train Attack to 25 and Strength to 35, then get your defence to 25.

Continue the pattern till you have 55 Attack, 65 Strength and 55 Defence!

If your planning to become a member, then get your defence and attack to 60 at this point so you can wear Dragon Armour.

Once you have 60 or 55 Attack, 65 Strength, and 60 or 55 Defence only train Strength till 80 strength!

Then train attack to 65.

Then get Strength to 90, and Attack to 75

Once you have these stats…

Attack – 75  Strength – 90  Defence – 60 or 55

Train your defence to 70 – 75.

Then your on your own…

i would recommend getting your Strength to 99 as soon as possible at this point, then following your Attack to 99, then Defence!

Enjoy being strong in Runescape!

Maybe you will hit as high as this guy some day!


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    Pretty stupid, you gave minimal reasons why they are important. I could name more of the top of my head

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    hmmm, maybe i should put some “basically” into this article then :P i didnt mean for it to be a GREAT article.

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