S4 League – Review

This is a review of the online action shooter: S4 League.

Since I’ve been playing S4 League for a while now, I think I need to write a review. So here it is!

S4 League is an online third person action shooter. You’ll have to work in teams, and defeat the other team in several modes. You will have a minimum of 100 Health Points, and a minimum of 100 Skill Points as well. You can use Skill Points to do walljumps, dodges and skills. You can boost your HP and SP by equipment and passive skills.

The modes.

Ok, now I’ll explain the three modes.

(Team) Deathmatch.

In this mode, you just need to kill your enemies. You’ll have a certain kill/time limit. If one team will get to the kill limit, the game is over, and that team will win. If the time runs out, the team with the most kills wins. If you die, you have to wait about 7 seconds till you respawn. If you respawn, you’ll have 5 seconds where you can’t shoot, and can’t be shot.

Touch Down.

The Touch Down mode is like football, but then with weapons, and super fast tricks. You’ll spawn in your base after every touch down. The ball will be in the middle of the map. Both teams need to bring the ball to the enemies’ goal. If you have the ball, your sp will decrease fast. And if you run out of sp with the ball, you won’t regain them. But the more points your other team has more than your team has, the more ‘pity’ you get. If you are at 4 points lower than the other team, the pity will be at his maximum. This means you’ll have alot of sp if you have the ball. And you’ll do alot more damage as well.


In the chaser mode, there will be one person who is the chaser, and 11 (at maximum) other players. The goal for the normal player is to survive as much as you can. And the goal for the chaser is to kill all the other players. If you’re the chaser you’ll have some kind of demon-like god with you. You’ll be very fast, deal alot of damage, you’ll have alot of Health Points and reload fast as well. If all players are dead, they will receive 0 points. If you survive, you’ll receive 15 points. And if you die, but your ‘team’ wins, you’ll receive 5 points. If you attack the chaser, you’ll get points as well. The number one person will be the target, and he’ll be visible all time. The chaser will receive 2 points if he kills a normal player, and 4 points if he kills the target.

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    This was very informative, I’m going to play it as well!

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