Orisinal.com by Ferry Halim

Do you want a fun, free solution to a boring afternoon? Read more…

Orisinal.com is website consisting of a small collection of Flash Games. Started in 2000 by Ferry Halim, it has attracted many visitors around the world. The games vary from puzzle to action games, and are very family friendly, featuring animals and cute characters. All the games have a very simple gameplay, and are very easy to pick up.

The website is host to over 55 games, and counting. The website and all its games have a very calm atmosphere, with classical music sountracking the games, and tranquil animations and concepts. The variety of games is spectacular, with games involving milking cows, shooting cans, catching apples, jumping over cars, delving into the deep sea etc. A particular favourite of mine is a game in which you have to shoot footage of oncoming UFOs.

Not only are there games on the site, but you can also send your friends virtual flowers, which you an arrange and personalize yourself. This is a free service, and will instantly brighten someone’s day.

If you have time, drop by this website, and be addicted to the host of simply adorable games.


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