Pc Gaming Advantages

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Xbox and Ps3 games are very expensive and when I find myself a bit low on money I tend to resort to PC gaming on my extremelly high quality computer. There are a ton of downloadeable full games that you can get illegally for free or support the developer by paying which I suggest. There are also Flash games in which you can play in browser. But all of them just about are fun. Graphics can also be ramped up and defy anything your gaming console could ever do. There are seetings to adjust and improvements you can make to your computer to help make these games look awsome unlike consoles. A big turn off to PC gaming for some people is that they think you have to use a Keyboard and Mouse, but you dont!! If you have a wired Xbox 360 controller or even wireless it is extremelly easy to connect it to your computer and start playing. There are also a lot of advantages to playing on Xbox or PS3 but PC gaming is a great alternative being very cheap and very high quality!!

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