Playing Minecraft Beta 1.4_01 Online

Just two Programs needed- or one Client.

How to:

                  Play Minecraft Beta 1.4_01 online Free

Note: This Tut just teaches you about joining unprotected Servers, not how to create unprotected Servers.

I get these Questions every Day… and now I post a Tut to show how to do that.

First, you will need have Minecraft installed. – I can’t Help you to get the Ripped  Offline Version of Minecraft, cause that would not be Legal…

You need to have a Program called Log me in Hamachi, to create a virtual Network that your Friends can Join and Play with ou online.

If your Online don’t works, like mine not worked there are two ways to Play it online with your Friends now:


You need to get a cracked Autoupdater client, just download it and run it, like the normal Minecraft.exe.

This is one of the Simplest ways to Solve this Problem, but there are some Computers this Client will not work.

So if you tried, and it don’t works, you just need to try the


This way is a little bit complicated, but it works for the most Players.

You need to Download and Install a little Tool called Quick Memory Editor.

If you have it, start Minecraft and wait until you get to the main menu: Singleplayer, Multiplayer etc.

then start Quick Memory Editor and click “Add Task”

select “Java.exe” or “Jawaw.exe” if there are More then 1 Java Task try to close every Program except from Mem Editor and Minecraft.

now type in “search value:” “Player” and select in “Data Type” “String” and click Search. Don’t type “player” it has to be “Player”!

If loading is done scroll as far down until you see “Player|” and “Widestring”.

Double click that line, and Change the Value “Player|” to a Username with exact 6 Letters:

example : “you123″

if done click ok, close Mem Edit and Connect to every un-protected Servers!

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