Pokemon-based Slender game… I am not joking.

    We all know, that I’m a girl who is in love with Slender-man and everything involved with it. I thought they had crossed the line when they had destroyed my childhood involving Teletubbies into the Slender-man games… wait until Pokemon fans see this. They will all probably kill me for even posting this. At the same time, when I came across this I found this to be completely hilarious, even though it is pretty terrifying. As if Creepy-pasta didn’t kill my childhood with it’s Pokemon stories as it is, this probably made it a while lot worse.

    You’ve seen Slendytubbies… get ready for PokeSlender. This is apparently an actual game where you have an evil pokemon chasing you I guess and you have to collect I think either 6 or 8 pokemon balls. To be honest with you, I don’t know anything about this series and where you can find the first game because this doesn’t say anything about the first game. There is apparently like 4 different PokeSlender games from this website and they’re all listed in the link below. Stay scared!

PokeSlender Downloads:


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