Poptropica: The Kids Most Favorite Game on The Internet

A review of Poptropica, the online game made for kids.

Kids spend hours playing their favorite game on the Internet, Poptropica. A beloved game, the background on this game is about your child creating an account, customizing their character, and playing in different worlds, which the creators make a new one every once in a while. Poptropica faces where your character in the game can help other computer made players complete tasks and get rewards such as new clothes, special powers, and other types of ability’s. Poptropica seems like a great game for kids to play. the game does not require any downloads and all kids to is go to poptropica’s website and play the game by remembering their user name and password. You can visit Poptropica by clicking here.

(a game play screen shot of Poptropica)

Poptropica is the most played game by young kids all over the United States, Canada, and England. It has received many rewards for it’s game play, and how kids actually understand a game like this. Most games online for kids under 12 don’t really understand video games on the computer, except for this one. Poptropica has been easy to play, approved by all parents, and even teachers. Research says that students improve their memory by playing this game, because players must remember stuff like codes, and clues throughout the game.

Requirements for Poptropica:

  • Must be Connected To the Internet
  • Have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.
  • Web browsers: We support Internet Explorer 6+ and Firefox 2+ on Windows and Safari 2+ on Mac.
  • At least 512 MB of RAM.
  • Browsers need to have Javascript enabled. Flash Player 9+ needs to be installed.
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