Positive and Negative Impact of Online Game


he positive impact of online gaming

    Each game has a difficulty level / levels are different. Generally this game trinkets equipped weapons, ammunition, characters and maps of different games. To complete a level or defeating an enemy in an efficient strategies are needed. Online game play will train players to be able to win the game quickly, efficiently and produce more points.
    Improve concentration. online game players concentration will increase because they have to complete some tasks, look for gaps that may be skipped and monitor the course of the game. The more difficult a game it is increasingly required a high level of concentration.
    Improve hand-eye coordination. Research conducted at Manchester University and Central Lancashire University suggests that people who play games 18 hours a week or About two and a half hours per day can increase the coordination between eye and hand
    improve reading skills. Psychologist Univesity of Finland stated that the games improve reading skills in children. So the notion that these types of games children lose interest in reading level is not unreasonable.
    Improve language skills inggris.studi found that gamers have English language skills are better despite not taking a course at the school or college. This is because a lot of the storyline is told in English and sometimes they chat with other players from different countries.
    Increase knowledge about computers to be able to enjoy the game in comfort and excellent image quality of a regular monitoring and evalua online game will try to find information about your computer specs and internet connection that can be used to play the game. Due to the active computer users usually they will also learn troubleshooting computer and overclocking.
    Typing skills have definitely improved since they use a keyboard and mouse to control the game
It is undeniable online games have a positive impact on the players but also have a negative impact is not lost many, among which are:

A. Lead to addiction (addiction) is strong

Most of the games currently available are designed to be addictive players. the more a person addicted to a game then the game makers benefit from the increased purchase of gold / tools / character and the like are increasing. But this would benefit manufacturers produce adverse effects for the psychological health of game players.

2. Encouraging doing negative things

Although there were not many, but quite often we find cases of online game players who tried to steal another player ID in various ways. Then take the money in it or dismantle equipment that is expensive. Activities are usually stolen ID theft also continues on other accounts such as facebook, email using the keylogger, software cracking dll.Bentuk theft is not limited to theft id and password but can also lead to theft of money – although usually not a lot (of money SPP instance ) and the theft of time, such as ditching school to play games.

3. Speaking rough and dirty

Whether this happens all over the world or just Indonesia but as far as the authors met at the cafe-cafe in different cities. The online game players are often utter obscenities and rude while playing in the cafe or gaming center.

4. The abandonment of activity in the real world

Attachment to the completion of tasks in the game and a sense of cool to play it often makes a variety of activities abandoned. Time of worship, school, college or job tasks to be abandoned due to play games or think about it. Moreover, many games that continue to run even though we are offline.

5. Changes in diet and rest

Been there? Changes in dietary patterns of rest and it is common for gamers because of the decline occurred in self-control. Mealtimes become irregular, and they often sleep in the morning to get a happy hour (cheap internet at night, early morning)

6. Waste

Money to pay rent and buy a computer in the cafe gold / points / characters sometimes be worth millions of dollars. Not to mention an internet connection, and upgrade home computer specifications.

7. The health

sit continuously in front of the computer for hours on clear negative impact on the body

    Eye strain

Eye strain is the eyestrain that occurs due to excessive use of eyes, saw the same object is continuously eg computer screens, TV, microscopes and driving a car. In the online gamers than to see a continuous monitor, the eyes are also increasingly rare flashes that actually adds to fatigue


Sitting for long periods can disrupt blood circulation and suppress the veins around the anus, causing bulging veins that feels hot and painful hemorrhoids called hemorrhoids or

    Carpal tunnel syndrome

is a disease caused due to stress and strain on the nerves in the wrist that functions for the feel and movement of the hand and fingers. Pressure and tension can cause numbness, tingling, weakness, or muscle damage in hands and fingers

    Lowered metabolism

Sitting for too long without physical activity do not make the muscles that result in decreased metabolic activity. In the long term effects include decreased muscle mass, obesity, the immune system making it more susceptible to disease.

This is actually caused by the effects of the above are not limited to online gaming, but also can occur in most of the people who play console games or games on your smart phone because basically most games are made so that the players want to play it over and over and addiction, but its impact greater in the online gamers because high levels of addiction.

It is legitimate to play the game to drive tired but given the negative impact that the list is long and costly, make sure we have a strong self-control so that the resulting negative effects do not dominate.

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