Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Trick Moves List

Konami can comfort themselves with the thought that FIFA is not even near implementing the massive number of trick moves that PES supports. Here’s a list of these moves, along with an explanation for each of them.

Pro Evolution Soccer, even with the lack of improvements implemented over different versions of the game, have been consistent in one thing : The command list. Every year, with every release, this list keeps growing, adding to the possible diversity of moves that can be performed, giving players the ability to make every goal and move a cocktail of superb moves, making every match and goal unique in its own respect. Here’s a list that I compiled from the command list, with explanation.




Use the D-PAD (U for UP, D for DOWN, L for LEFT and R for RIGHT hereon) or the Left Stick (LS hereon) for dribbling.

Dribbling : D-PAD or LS

Dash Dribble:

Use this to dribble fast, but with a lot less control on the ball.

Dash Dribbling : D-PAD + RB

Low Speed Dribbling:

This is the other side of the coin of dash dribbling. Alternate between this, dash dribbling and ordinary dribbling to confuse opponents trying to prevent you from crossing down the wing.

Low Speed Dribbling : RT + D-PAD

Sideways Dribble:

Use this to sidestep defenders with correct timing. With practise, you can do this to outwit goalkeepers in one-on-one situations.

Sideways Dribble : Press 90° to direction of motion + RT

Kick Far:

Using kick far, you can get the extra speed by laying the ball farther when dribbling, getting you past that pesky defender who’s trying to muscle in on the ball.

Kick Far : During Dash Dribble, RB x 2~3, can also use RB rapid fire (press RB rapidly).

Long Kick:

This is used when you’re on a great run, can’t stop in time to trick past the last defender or keeper, and so,. you’re in a position where you’re about to give away a great opportunity. Using this, you can kick far and change your direction, so the only way they can stop you is with a foul. Most of the times, though, you get through easily.

Long Kick : During Dash Dribble, RB + RT + D-pad diagonally forward or 90° to the side.


You need to time this perfectly. Also, this works only with sliding tackles. When the opponent slides in to get the ball, jump at exactly the moment when the opponent goes in and commits himself to the tackle and can’t stop himself. Obviously, this does not work with standing or block tackles.

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    Hey Can U tell me how to do a sliding tackle in pes 2010 pc…. PC

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