Puzzle Pirates Sword Fighting

How to achieve Ultimate standing in Y!PP swordfighting the easy way!

The game of swordfighting in puzzle pirates is quite easy to play. Here are some basic tips:

Speed- One of the most important parts of swordfighting. If you can send your opener before your opponent then you have a HUGE advantage.  No matter how good your opponent’s midgame is, if you can open before them every game you will almost always win*.  

Comboing/Breaker stacking- In order to send huge swords to your opponents screen, you must combo the pieces on your screen. For example: sending a block of 2 wide by 4 high from your screen will result in a sword 2 wide by 4 high on their screen. However, if you double this block it will send a sword 2 wide by 8 high! (double the height) If you triple this 2by4 block it will send a block 2wide by 12 high and so on. Note: there are 6 horizontal spaces and 13 vertical spaces on each board, equalling 78 spaces.

Be conservative- Instead of wasting breakers breaking singles save your breakers. You can merely stack them to the left side for use later, or you can use these breakers to build larger combinations than you ever thought possible! However, knowing when your opponent is going to break can be tricky. In order to become a top notch sword fighting, you must know when you opponent is going to strike you so you can maximize your ability to damage you opponent.

Know sword patterns- Knowing what your opponent’s spray pattern is before you even start can give you a huge advantage knowing where to build. This allows you to build with your opponent’s spray pattern, maximizing your speed.

Following these few easy tips will allow you to achieve ultimate ranking in no time!

 *Do not download a speedhack in order to become faster as this will result in a ban.

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