Restaurant Story Tips

Great tips to succeed at restaurant story.

1.       1.Create a StormID so that you can add people to be your neighbours. With doing this they will be able to view your restaurant and tip you, the difference between getting tipped from your neighbour and someone who is not your neighbour is that you get 6 tips from your neighbour and only 3 tips from someone who randomly stumbles upon your restaurant.

2.       2.Send your neighbours that you have added through stormID gifts. You can receive 20 gifts a day. So the more neighbours you have and the more gifts you send the more likely you will be to receive your maximum amount.

3.       3.When you set something to cook ensure that it will be ready at a time that you will be available to play this game, don’t plan your life for the game plan the game around your life.

4.       4.When cooking a variety of foods, cook foods that have the same cook length or amounts where you can cook something twice in the amount of time it takes to cook something else it is easier to remember.

5.      5. Do not decorate to any extremes at first while playing the game, wait till you have a lot of coins. This way you can always afford food and you will be able to complete something while decorating.

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