Empires and Allies – Task Directory

Alphabetized list of tasks in Zynga’s "Empires & Allies" game with direct links to the guides that cover those tasks.

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This guide contains direct links to the guides I have written for the tasks in Zynga’s Empires & Allies casual RTS game. Search this guide for the task you want to learn more about, and then click the hyperlink across from the task name to be taken to the guide which contains the information you are looking for.

I’ll be adding to this directory as I publish more task guides for Empires & Allies, so keep checking back for updates. Happy gaming!

Task Directory

  1. A Plethora of Ore (Task Guide Six)

  2. Air Show! (Independence Week Missions)

  3. Air Superiority (Task Guide Nine)

  4. Allied One (Task Guide Eight)

  5. Army Boost (Task Guide Seven)

  6. Arty Party (Task Guide Nine)

  7. At The Ready! (Task Guide One)

  8. Better, Stronger, Faster (Task Guide Seven)

  9. Big Game Hunting (Task Guide Eight)

  10. Black Gold (Task Guide Five)

  11. Black Market Bonanza (Task Guide Eight)

  12. Bombing Run (Task Guide Eight)

  13. Boot Camp (Task Guide One)

  14. Boots On The Ground (Task Guide Seven)

  15. Busy As A Beaver (Task Guide Six)

  16. Cannon Building (Task Guide Two)

  17. Cannon Deployment ( Task Guide Two)

  18. Cereal Slack (Task Guide Nine)

  19. Christening the Navy (Task Guide Four)

  20. Closing in on Krunsch (Task Guide Four)

  21. Corn Festival (Task Guide Four)

  22. Daylight Saving (Task Guide Nine)

  23. Defensive Positions (Task Guide Three)

  24. Diversify Our Forces (Task Guide Six)

  25. Drop The Carrier (Task Guide Nine)

  26. Empire Spirit! (Task Guide One)

  27. Endangered(Task Guide Six)

  28. Family Picnic (Independence Week Missions)

  29. Family Picnic (Task Guide Eight)

  30. Feed The Troops! (Task Guide Two)

  31. Go To Market (Task Guide Five)

  32. Grass Roots Effort (Task Guide Six)

  33. Grasshopper and Ant (Task Guide Five)

  34. Growing Pains (Task Guide Three)

  35. Harvest Time (Task Guide Two)

  36. Heads Down (Task Guide Four)

  37. Helping Hands Club (Task Guide Four)

  38. Home Front (Task Guide Seven)

  39. Homeward Bound (Task Guide Seven)

  40. Housing Project (Task Guide Three)

  41. Hovering Weapons (Task Guide Six)

  42. Independence Week (Independence Week Missions)

  43. Invasion! (Task Guide One)

  44. Invasion Bound (Task Guide Three)

  45. Invasion Protection (Task Guide Four)

  46. Iron Fist (Task Guide Five)

  47. Island Bungalow (Task Guide Three)

  48. Jada Bombs I (Task Guide Eight)

  49. Jada Bombs II (Task Guide Nine)

  50. Jada Bombs III (Task Guide Nine)

  51. Kai Tana I (Task Guide Five)

  52. Kai Tana II (Task Guide Seven)

  53. Kai Tana III (Task Guide Seven)

  54. Kick Them Out! (Task Guide Four)

  55. Launch Torpedoes! (Task Guide Eight)

  56. Letters From Afar (Task Guide Seven)

  57. Log Carving (Task Guide Nine)

  58. Meet The Neighbors (Task Guide Three)

  59. Military Foundries (Task Guide Six)

  60. Morale Boost! (Task Guide Three)

  61. Naval Deployment (Task Guide Four)

  62. Neutrality Challenge (Task Guide Four)

  63. Night Raid (Task Guide Nine)

  64. Offshore Bombardment (Task Guide Five)

  65. Oil Boom (Task Guide Three)

  66. On The Offensive (Task Guide Three)

  67. Ore For Science (Task Guide Seven)

  68. Ore’s Well That Ends Well (Task Guide Five)

  69. Parade Flyover (Independence Week Missions)

  70. People’s Park (Task Guide Six)

  71. Pillage Fight (Task Guide Three)

  72. Popping Popcorn (Task Guide Eight)

  73. Production Pals (Task Guide Five)

  74. Pump It Up (Task Guide Five)

  75. Quick Cash (Task Guide Six)

  76. Rebuilding Hope (Task Guide One)

  77. Recon Mission (Task Guide Two)

  78. Remembering Our Heroes (Independence Week Missions)

  79. Ride ‘Em Cowboy! (Task Guide Nine)

  80. Rolling Out The Big Guns (Task Guide Eight)

  81. Rolling Thunder (Task Guide Eight)

  82. Room to Grow (Task Guide Eight)

  83. Running Waters (Task Guide Eight)

  84. Secret Weapon (Task Guide Eight)

  85. Science Fair (Task Guide Seven)

  86. Strawberry Surprise (Task Guide Six)

  87. Support of The People (Task Guide Three)

  88. Survivor’s Paradise (Task Guide Four)

  89. Sweet Potato Pie (Task Guide Seven)

  90. Tank In The Woods (Task Guide Two)

  91. Tend Your Friends I (Task Guide Six)

  92. Texas Tea (Task Guide Nine)

  93. The Battle For Cape Pleasant (Task Guide Five)

  94. The Best Defense (Task Guide Nine)

  95. The Ocean For A Runway (Task Guide Five)

  96. The Purse of The People (Task Guide Seven)

  97. The Voice of The People (Task Guide Two)

  98. VIP Quarters (Task Guide Four)

  99. Wood Times (Task Guide Three)

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  1. Josh Phelps
    Posted July 6, 2011 at 8:18 am

    Do you know what the Anybody Home Task is?

  2. Posted July 7, 2011 at 11:05 am

    @Josh Phelps: I haven’t gotten to that quest yet. When I do, I’ll add it to this guide.

  3. Dimitar
    Posted July 8, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    I ve the same problem

  4. Dimitar
    Posted July 8, 2011 at 1:16 pm

    Do you know what the Anybody Home Task is?

    This is the task!!!


  5. ALI
    Posted September 9, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    what we should do to find theanybody home task to continue our islands invations ???????????????????

  6. Posted September 9, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    You have to build 2 Lumber Mill IIs to trigger the ‘Anybody Home’ task. Once you get it, you have to collect from 12 ready houses on your neighbors’ islands.

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