Five Best Non-Member Monsters in RuneScape

The top five monsters in runescape to train on and get cash.

The five best high level non member training monsters

1.       Fighting Cockroach Soldiers is the best option for lots of experience and moderate drops. The high percentage of rune drops and the Mithril and adamant ore drops allow you to get more money out of a trip than you would put in for food*. This spot is also made invaluable by the fact that the cockroaches are not aggressive, so they do not attack you until you attack them.

2.       Ice Giants are the next best option, as they have a high amount of hit points, but are unfortunately surrounded by Ice Warriors, who harass you as you try and attack the ice giants. The big bones drops by the ice giants also make them a viable resource for training your prayer.

3.       Lesser Demons come third in the list because they do not have as valuable drops as either Cockroaches or Ice Giants. The Karamja dungeon however offers great spots for ranging and a good ranger can sit there and train for days, only having to leave to deposit drops. Lesser Demons have no good drops that the drop often though so training on them and getting a good return is not likely*.

4.       Moss Giants are very valuable because of their big bones, moderate drops for their level. Again because they are giants they are good for training prayer, and you should be able to get a moderate return of cash from them because of their good drops*. Unfortunately there or not many of them around, and all of the Moss Giants are crowded by high level players.

5.       Once again a giant makes the list. Hill Giants provide one of the best options for training prayer, because of their low hit points and level and the big bones they drop. While the drops aren’t great, you don’t have to bring very much food down so you should get some coins from selling the Limpwurt roots and runes*.

* This is by no means a guarantee. All drops are calculated by random, so a good return should not be expected one hundred percent of the time.

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