Flyff Guild Siege Guide

A small guide for the Flyff’s Guild Siege.

There are two types of guild wars in the game. The first type is the one where Flyff uses a bidding system for the top 8 bidders to have a chance at a battle royale. Each guild places a bid to be in the top 8. Whomever is in the top 8 will be able to fight everyone that has qualified. This type of Guild War only happens once every Saturday at 5:00PM US PST.

The winner of this Guild War will get a special cloak which increase your stat points. The more consecutive times you win the Guild War the higher the power of the cloak will give the user.

First you’ll need to meet the GW manager Frankie at North Flarine. Click on him and choose apply.

You should see a new window come up that says “To Apply For The Guild War”.

  • The Total Of Applicants – This signifies how much penya has been donated by every guild that wants to participate.
  • The Current Applicant – This signifies how much you are bidding. Enter any amount of your choice.
  • The Information – This has info on the capes.
  • Apply – This will submit your bid.

Before placing a bid amount, check the status window to see the numbers of guild and how much penya has already been totaled up. This will give you a clue to how much you should bid. Don’t over bid, because remember all you need to be is in the top 8. So as long as you in the top 8 and you meet the guild war requirments then you should be approved for the event. Make sure to come back 5 minutes before the event bidding deadline, so you can check if you’re guild has been moved out of the top 8. Click the refresh button to see if any guilds have moved positions. Before the Guild War you have the bidding war.

  • The Time Left – Time left before bidding ends.
  • The Total Of Applicants – This signifies how much penya has been donated by every guild that wants to participate.
  • The Rank Of Tender – Your ranking number.
  • Apply – Make another bid to add to your current bid.
  • Refresh – This will refresh the list with new up-to-date info.

Your Guild Line-Up

Once you qualify for the guild lineup and are in the top 8 position after the bidding process is over. You can create your guild war lineup. Each guild is allowed 15 participants. You are allow to go under 15, but never over 15. All your guild members must be in Server 1 for them to appear on the lineup after you press “Finish” First Click on the NPC and then click on “Entry” You have exactly 1 hour to create your line-up before the guild war starts. You should see this screen.

  1. Members that are currently online and qualified for the Guild War.
  2. Members that are participating in the Guild War.
  3. Press this button once you are finish creating your line-up.
  4. Reset your line-up.
  5. Choose the defender. Required unless only guild lead is participating. Click on the username then click on defender. Anyone that kills your defender gets more points for their guild. Choose a good defender that can live longer. Once you have selected your defender a shield with the letter “D” will appear next to the name on the guild line-up.
  6. Closes the window.
  7. Use arrow keys to move players from one side to the other.
  8. Use arrows to move players up or down the line-up.

Upon finishing your lineup, you should see your participating guild members in a list in the upper left corner of the screen. If one of your members is not in the lineup even though you put them in there during the “entry” stage, then it means that they just disconnected from the game or they are in another server. Please tell them to come to server 1.

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