How to Make Fast and Easy Gold in Guild Wars

Tips to make gold in Guild Wars.

I am frequently asked in guild wars how I make so much gold. The simple answer is useless, so ill tell you the long one. There are 2 ways I use to make gold easily and quickly.

Easily the fastest way to make gold is by running difficult missions. The amount you make depends on your skill. For example the most common mission, I run is the Gyala Hatchery’s mission in guild wars factions for this extremely difficult mission it is nearly impossible to get Masters if you do it the normal way. But I have found a way to get masters with out the turtles ever being touched. This I will put on a separate posting. But, the point is that find a mission that you can get maters on easily. I have to be challenging because if it were easy nobody would need a run. Price should be something that will help you but not be something that will bankrupt customers or you will not get any takers.

Method 2 is fairly simple but it requires that you have beaten Nightfall. The method is to farm sulfurous wastes on hard mode. Use the giant worms witch makes your health 3000 and energy 60. Make sure you take 5 henchmen; yes I know it’s a lot but u will need them. In a half hour or so you can make around 6k depending on drops I have never received less then three but you must kill at least 200 enemies or you wont get much.

With the first method if you spend around 5 hours running people with at least 1 run an hour you can easily make 40k. With the second method in 2 hours you can make (with good drops) around 15k. So good luck and have fun!

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  1. Stone Jordan
    Posted May 6, 2009 at 7:51 am

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  2. GW PRO
    Posted April 14, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    The mission is an ok idea- but the sulfur is a bit slow…. I found a way to make up to 70k in 2 hours- running and farming are the best ways…. But try more speed clears they are good cause you can get drops and the chest at the end- I like EoTN for running the best cause people pay so much- my problem is I allways spend what I get the second I het it xD and assassins are the fastest and best GW runners now

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