Maplestory: How to Become Mage Guide

A complete and up-to-date guide to becoming a mage. Simple and easy for those new players.

When you create your character, you DO NOT have to keep re-rolling the dice to get the best stats it resets once on the island. To get the best mage possible just ALWAYS put the points on INT, nothing else. Now we have the character made we’re off to train. Train on Maple Island until you reach level 8. DO NOT leave until you are level 8 otherwise you cannot ever come back.

You’ll primarily want to kill snails for exp. Quests are also a good way to gain exp here, just go to the people with light bulbs on their head and do their quest. Try and collect over 4150 mesos.

I REPEAT every time you level up, put all your points into INT. Since you’re going to be a mage, your damage will come from your INT stat. Also, NEVER put any points into HP or MP. Those stats will go up naturally as you level up, and points you put there will decrease your attack power.

Once you reach level 8, head to Southperry and board the boat to Victoria Island. Check your map by pressing W if you’re not sure where you are and remember to have collected over 4150 mesos here- you’ll see why later.

Now go the potion shop, on the bottom level, buy a Return Scroll to Lith Harbor.  Next, find Olaf, and take the quest.

Go to the boat where you entered Victoria, and talk to the man in the ticket booth, make him take you to Ellinia (the magician town.)

In Ellinia, go to the very top and find Grendel the Really Old. Talk to him, complete Olaf’s quest. Congratulations! You’re a Magician.

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