Officer Guide For Puzzle Pirates

A guide on how to be an officer and pillage for puzzle pirates, made by arron65.

Section 1- Introduction

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read this guide. This guide will tell you how to successfully run a ship, the main task of an Officer. If you do not know what Puzzle Pirates is, and wish to find out more, visit
, free to play today.

Thank you, and enjoy the guide!

Section 2- Preparing for Cast-Off

This section will tell you all you need to do before leaving port. Failing to do this part will result in a horrible pillage, unsatisfied crew, and a lot of blame on your part, so I reccommend reading it.

Section 2.1 Obtaining the Badge(Doubloon)

The very first thing you need to do upon obtaining your officer rank, is if your in the Doubloon Ocean, obtain 8 doubloons. You can do this by buying them securely from , or buy them in game at the doubloon exchange. To access the doubloon exchange, go to the ‘Ye’ tab, and click info by your pirate’s head. Then click doubloon exchange, and post a buy offer of 8 doubloons, for however many poe you see is the cheapest over there, or if your willing to wait a bit, a little bit over the top buy offer.

After obtaining these doubloons, you need to go to the Ye tab again, to info, and then to the Palace Shoppe. Look through the list, click the button to buy the officer badge, and your all set. Congratulations, you now have the officer badge and are a certified officer in your crew! (NOTE: You need to be promoted to an officer by the captain or a higher rank than pirate first.)

Section 2.2- Finding a Ship

Now, before continuing, you need to find a ship. If you have your own, obviously you can use that. If not, look for the ship you want in the “Where are my vessels?” button at the dock, or just look in each port under “Vessels Ye May Board” and find one thats suitable. Also, next to the ship at the dock, if there is a padlock there and it’s not yours, you cannot use it. That mean’s its locked and unusable.

Section 2.3 Supplying a Ship

Now you need to stock the ship. Based on what ship your on, you need Rum, Grog, or Swill, and a certain type of Cannonballs to succeed. Go to the hold, and put in some money. Then you will need to go to Trade Commodities, and buy Some Swill/Grog/Rum, and if your on a sloop or cutter, Small Cannonballs, Merchant/War brig Medium Cannonballs, and any higher than that, large. I suggest about 50-75 cannonballs for the small voyage, and about 20 rum for a sloop/cutter, 40-50 for a merchant brig, and going higher in those sort of intervals. The higher standing the player, the more rum they use.

Section 3- The Pillage

Now, to the actual pillage itsself. You should be totally read to go now, and be jobbing pirates from the vessel tab. Also ask your crew to come in the crew chat, and try jobbing some friends with /job name. Once you are full or have the pirates you want, you can cast-off. Also clicking job pirates will make swabbies(computers with white names) come on board, which you can order to do any job but gun and navigate. If you look at the vessel tab, you will see 3 meters. One shows how much sail-power you have(speed), the second shows your damage, and the third shows bilge. Thats how much damage is done to your ship and how much water is in the bilge, the bottom of the ship. You need to have carpenters to keep the damage down, bilgers to keep the water out, and sailers to keep the speed up. Sails produce speed. Carpenters repair damage that fills the bilge. Bilgers remove the water that slows the ship down. A good balance of all 3 is necessary for success. If you need to learn how to battle navigate, there is a handy guide for that at in the YPPEDIA.

That’s it for this guide! Thanks for reading!

Once again I thank you for reading this guide, and good luck pillaging!

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  1. drewdude
    Posted November 28, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    umm… you never said what size CB’s for longships??

  2. beebeeque!
    Posted December 31, 2008 at 12:22 pm

    this guide sucks donkey doo.

  3. Posted April 6, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    This guide was made LONG before longships came out.

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