Redstone MMORPG Item Prefixes

This is a list of Prefixes for the Redstone MMORPG.

Red Stone is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game(MMORPG). Everyday Hundreds of people get on and run through all the shops in Brune. But some people don’t really know what they are looking for. They end up having to view each item to see its effect before saying i want that. So i made this list. The list has many(not all) of the item prefixes that are commonly used, and some not so common. The point of this list is for people to know the effect of the item without having to look at the item each time.

ie. You want a chain mail with Max CP % and Defence Capability %. You would look for an item that is somewhere along the lines of “Abundance and Magnificent Chain Mail”

When people look at this list at first, they won’t completely understand what to do. So here are some instructions on how to use this list:

1) Find the Effect that you want.

2) Find the Prefix that is related to it.

3) Put together your own item list with its prefix in its name.

4) Go to Brune(The major town)

5) Look for just those prefixes with your item name in the shops.

5.1) Shout that you want to buy a specific item using that item name.

Prefix        Effect

Abundance Max CP %
Active HP %
Archer Archer Skill +
Awakening Sleep Resis
Become Fast Alacrity 1/xx
Become Happy Luck 1/xx
Become Lucky Luck 1/xx
Become Smart Knowledge 1/xx
Become Strong Health 1/xx
Become Wise Wisdom 1/xx
Big Bear Strength +
Black Ink Blind Attack
Blue Water Resis
Brave Damage Converts CP
Breeder Tamer Skill +
Brutal Damage %
Care Wisdom
Cats Eye Earth Resistance
Cautious Wisdom +
Change Weapon Exchange Speed
Clean Light Damage
Clever Knowledge +
Cold Cold Frame/Water Damage
Concentrating Concentration Cap %
Confusion Chaos Attack
Considerate Wisdom
Consistent Max CP +
Crystal Light Resistant
Dark Dark Damage/Curse
Desire Max CP
Destiny Luck +
Dignity Charisma Fixed
Diligent Physical Strength +
Dwarf Stun Resistance
Ear Drumming Stun Attack
Earnest Charm Resistance
Earnest Charm Resistance
Empower Damage %
Empower Damage %
Endurance Health +
Expert Skill +
Fanatic Berserk Attack
Fast Attack Attack Speed
Fast Mevement Alacrity +
Fast Movement Alacrity +
Fatal Stun Attack
Fear Charisma +
Fierce Damage %
Flaming Fire Resistance
Freezing Cold Frame/Water Damage
Freshening Wind Damage
Full Def Cap(no %)
Getting Strong  Strength 1/xx
Green Wind Resistance
Halberdier Magic Lancer Skill +
Happiness Luck +
Hasty Alacrity +
Healing Physical Strength Recovery
Health Health Fixed
Heavy  Max Damage
Holy Creature Strength +
Insight Knowledge +
Instinc Instant Death Resis
Instinct Decisive Blow Resis
Intellectual Knowledge +
Knowledgeable Knowledge +
Lackluster Blur
Life Physical Strength
Light Wind Damage
Like a fire Fire Damage
Little Caution Wisdom +
Little Cleanness Charisma +
Little Empowering Damage %
Little Swiftness Alacrity +
Liveliness Physical Strength %
Lively Max Physical Strength
Luck Luck +
Luke Warm Fire Damage
Magic Archer Magic Archer Skill +
Magnificent Def Cap %
Master Skill Level +
Mind Maximum CP +
Mirror Damage Return
Not Cold Cold Resis
Nuisance Damage(What you hit) to HP %
Over Flowing Max CP %
Pale Complexion Max Physical Strength +
Permanent Dropped System Resistance
Plentiful Max CP %
Potential Reduction Limit CP
Power Max CP(no %)/Strength Fixed
Powerful Damage %
Promegranate Fire Resistance
Pure Light Damage
Quick Chaos Resistance
Quick Firing Item Reload time
Quick Movement Alacrity Fixed
Quite Green Wind Resistance
Reacting Nerve Fatal Blow Resis
Red Fire Resistance
Regaining Magic Magic Bullet
Reliability Health
Reliability Health +
Reproductive Infinite Bullet
Rotten Addiction Damage
Salamander Fire Damage Absorption
Sharp Damage %
Sleepy Sleep Attack
Slimy Avoidance
Smart Knowledge
Solid Defence Capability %
Spiky Fire Damage
Spirit Physical Strength %
Spirited Physical Strength %
Spiritual Strength Max CP +
Steady Walking Movement Speed
Steel Thorn Damage Return
Stormy Wind Damage
Straight Potion Recovery Speed
Strengthening Strength
Strong Health +
Stupid AI Drop Attack
Surviving Charisma +
Surviving Instinc Instant Death Resistance
Thick Defense Cap %
Thick Mind Defence Capability %
Thief Thief Skill +
Thorn of a tree Damage Return
Thug Magician Skill +
Tidiness Charisma +
Tidy Charisma +
Tough Health +
Travel Item Auto Reload
Useful Magic Item Ratio %
Various Magic Resis
Walking Movement Speed
Warm Fire Damage
Weak Power Strength +
Wisdom Wisdom +/Wisdom Fixed
Wise Wisdom +
Witchcraft Necromancer Skill +
Worrior Attack Speed
Yellowish Earth Resistance
Young Mangus Addiction Resis
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