Making Money Through Second Life

Some people have heard about Ailin Graef, a Second Life player who made $2 million(in real life dollars) in as little as three years through her virtual life investments. But this is not as easy as it seems. There is a lot of work that goes into making profits through Second Life. But if you enjoy playing for its own sake, then it’s fun to make a little money on the side.

A lot of newcomers to Second Life hope to make a living with the game, not realizing how hard it is. It is just as complicated as making money in real life. Most people who make lots of Linden money create furniture or clothes using Photoshop or other similar softwares. If you don’t know how to use those programs, it will take a while but in the end it is a rewarding creative process. Second Life is very fun for creative people who like to see their own artistic skills revealed in an alternate reality. You can sell your creations in the Second Life Marketplace. People sell stuff for thousands of Linden dollars, and then exchange that for real life money. 1 US Dollar is equivalent to about 250 Linden Dollars. If you are selling good quality items, this can be a profitable source of residual income. Before you jump into this however, you should make sure you know what you are getting into. There is much to learn with Photoshop and for a beginner it can take months or years to really have a grasp on it. 

The way Graef made money was mostly through Linden real estate. She invested in land and eventually had many servers of land which she could rent to other users who wanted to take part in her virtual reality. Buying land is expensive. There is a setup fee of about 1000 US Dollars, and a monthly maintenance fee to go with that. This supplies you with anywher from 700 to 15,000 prims depending on what you choose. It’s all so costly that it can’t be worth it to people who aren’t really interested in the game. But for people who truly enjoy the world of Second Life, it is worth it because people will come to your land to admire what you have created. You can have parties, adventures, all kinds of events limited only to your imagination. Once people decide they like what you have built, they might chose to rent out parts of your land for a good amount of Linden money. 

Others like to make money by becoming DJs, which has its own complications similar to real life DJ-ing. You need to find websites where you can pay to get rights to play music, you need a good soundcard, and a good computer hardware or a separate computer/laptop with an external hardrive that you can use just for DJ-ing, or else you will have too many software crashes. You will need to find a streaming software and an audioserver, which you might be able to find free. All in all, if you have experience with these things, it will be fun and profitable because Second Life clubs like to hire DJs all the time and they pay for it. In an hour you can make 500-3000 Linden Dollars plus tips. 

So the possibilities are endless if you love being creative for the fun of it and you are willing to put in a lot of extra work. This isn’t like the Sims where the choices are laid out in front of you. This is where you create choices and see your friends experience them. You are the owner of your own world.

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