Online Gaming for Money: How to Make Real Cash by Playing Your Favorite Online Games

Love online gaming? Why not make money while you do it? Skeptical? You should be — there is no way to get rich online fast, but there are a few tried and true ways to make a good amount of pocket money easily. Also, there are plenty of opportunities to strike it big with the right amount of discipline, patience, and smarts. Whether buying up hot land in Second-Life or competing in first-person shooter games with your friends online, there are millions of dollars to be made in an ever-growing virtual marketplace. Read on to get involved in this little understood but fast-growing industry.

At this very moment millions of people are relaxing in the safety and comfort of their homes while accumulating cold, hard cash. Skeptical? You should be. As the well-worn wisdom goes, you can’t expect to get something for nothing. That holds true even in the online gaming world — if you want to earn money you have to invest time, and develop real skills. The good news, however, is that you are investing time and developing skills in – you guessed it – playing online games, something a lot of us do for fun all the time!

So now the million dollar question: how do I turn my love of gaming into cold, hard cash? The first trick is to choose your game. There are a lot of options out there. Some of the most popular options include playing first-person shooter games or strategy games like Counter-Strike or Warcraft III competitively, gold-farming in world of warcraft, or setting up a real business in Second-Life.

The most lucrative but also most difficult way to make real money through online gaming is to become a highly skilled first-person shooter or strategy game player. In 2007 over a million dollars in prize money was awarded to Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne players who competed in online tournaments hosted by a variety of gaming companies. You can either compete in tournaments with teams or on an individual basis. Dominant players are rewarded with large prize packages that make all that practice worth your while. For instance, in 2007 Warcraft III player Jang “Moon” Jae Ho from South Korea pulled in $168,074 in just one year of competitive play. At the top end of the industry some players get paid over $300,000 in fixed salaries by corporate sponsors. Although the competition is stiff, the rewards for being very good at Warcraft III are extremely high.

Similarly, Counter-Strike 1.6, one of the most popular first-person shooter games of all-time, has many lucrative opportunities to earn real money. Unlike Warcraft III, Counter-Strike requires pitting a team of 5 ‘terrorists’ versus 5 ‘counter-terrorists’ in a real-time ‘match’ with a pre-determined map, scenario, and number of rounds. There are many online leagues that include cash prizes such as the Cyber-Athlete Professional League (CPL), which has distributed over $3,000,000 in cash prizes to top teams.

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