Which Lotro Class Suits You?

So, you’ve decided to play the ultimate adventure; but aren’t sure of what class to choose? This guide will help you out!

Lord of the Rings Online has 8 different classes to choose from; some fairly complex & unique to the game while others you can easily relate to  from other mmos.

Let’s start off with my personal favorite: the stealthy Burglar.

The Burglar can be seen as your typical ‘rogue’ or assassin from other mmorpgs. They have the ability to use daggers (swords, maces & clubs*req lvl 25*)  & do decent DPS. However, in Lotro they gain quite a bit more responsibility & use-fullness. For one: they are the best class to rely on if you want to initiate Fellowship Maneuvers (a sequence of party-combinations that are very helpful later in the game). Secondly: they get a few crowd-control abilities (starting at lvl 8). Lastly: They gain a minor self-healing ability starting at level 10 (very useful for when you can’t use CC[crowd control] on certain mobs).

Overview of what they do: Debuffs, DPS, (minor) crowd control, initiates fellowship maneuvers, & has stealth-based attacks

Play-Style: Evaluation & annihilation. Taking on 2+ enemies for this class is: slightly-difficult

Races: Hobbit & Man


The Captain has many qualities of a Paladin (if you’ve played WoW) & a a lot of purely melee combat of Warriors. They have the healing & buffs of a Paladin & can kill enemies faster than Paladins, but, slower than Warriors. The unique skill they gain in Lotro: they have a pet (usually called a companion by most players, since its not an animal; but a “Herald”) at level 10. The ‘pet’ that they get at lvl 10 doesn’t actually do much in means of damage; it’s meant to be used as a sort of buff to the Captain.

Overview of what they do: Buff, some melee damage, minor heals, rez (they get an ability at lvl 20)

Play-Style:  Buff & Kill. Taking on 2+ enemies for this class is: easy

Races: Man


The Minstrel class is middle-earth’s equivalent of a Priest & do most of the healing. They give-out buffs & heals to their party members and are necessary for any fellowship (party). What Lotro brings to this class: They’re minstrels; they have the ability to play all instruments within the game (by typing /music & using keyboard commands)! They also gain the (important) ability to equip medium-armour at level 15.

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