Astro Empires

Short discussion of Astro empires.

Astros are the building blocks of your empire. You build your bases on Astros which become your territory. It is not possible to have more than one player colonise a single Astro but multiple players can be in the same system which can make wars much more interesting.

Each type of Astro has its own unique characteristics which can make them desirable for some uses while untouchable for others. Knowing the difference between which Astros are good for what can make all the difference when starting in the game.

An Astro’s location is a series of numbers that look like this: B11:22:33:45. The “B” signifies the server in which the Astro is located, in this case Beta Server. The “11″ signifies the galaxy, the “22″ signifies the region, and “33″ signifies the system. “4″ indicates which orbital the Astro is in, and “5″ denotes its position within that orbital. For more information on how the universe and galaxies are set out look at the Celestial Map.

When a Astro is in a region you do not have a ship or base in you are unable to see the details of the Astro or base. This is often referred to as the fog of war. Thus the image of the Astro comes up with a ‘?’ image. If you want to see what type of Astro it is send a ship into that region.

There is an exception if you have set a trade route with a planet in a different region, however it only allows you to see the system of the planet you are trading with or you are looking at one of your guild member’s Astros.

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