The Ravnica Block: The Best of Ravnica, Guildpact, and Dissension

A review of the sets within the Ravnica block and the best cards from each! A great Block to Draft!!

The Ravnica Block of cards for the game of Magic the Gathering provided a breath of fresh air. Straying back to a more orthodox story format, the block revolves around different “guilds” struggling for power in a new city-covered plane. It’s “tribal” warfare doesn’t revolve around creature types like the Onslaught block though. Each “Guild” has its own 2 color theme. The Ravnica Block brought back multicolor and introduced many new concepts to the game…

Ravnica: City of Guilds – 2005

The first set in the trilogy, Ravnica provides some fresh creatures to the game. Powerful new abilities and unheard of concepts were brought to the game through unique, complex, and rather expensive creatures. Ravnica contains the card with the largest printed power or toughness in the game. With a converted mana cost of 15, Autochthon Wurm is a monster! Now, how do you pay 15 manafor 1 card? Each group (or “guild”) of cards has it’s ovn powerful ability. Autochthon Wurm happens to be in the guild of cards that utilizes White and Green. The white/green cards have a power that lowers mana costs, as the other 4 groups of cards have respective abilities. Each “guild” can be recognized by either their colors or a watermark under their card text. Ravnica also introduced split mana costs to the game. Some cards can be played with any combination of two mana. These cards are often quick casts and keys to winning with their color combinations. The concept of split mana costs has stuck with MTG and is seen in several other sets!

While the concepts of “Milling” and “Overrunning” never have been so prevalent, the best cards in this set really have nothing to do with them. Ravnica contains a cycle of “Shock lands” that provided necessary mana for each guild’s color combination but had a slight drawback. Other cards, such as “Glimpsethe Unthinkable” dump the top 10 cards off any library. End of story. The best card though, is one of the most useful in the vintage format. To people playing decks full off Hypnox and Scion of Darkness, I would advise against relying on this card, but for those who are playing low cost artifacts, this little guy provides a second draw every turn!…

Dark Confidant – Rare

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